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Lisa asks…

Is this a good way to lose 32 pounds in 12 weeks?

I have exactly 12 weeks (as of this last Saturday) to lose 32.2 pounds due to a very untimely reunion…

I am only looking for comments on this plan (as I have medical issues like knee problems and whatnot, I can't do all exercises.)

The walking treadmill workout located here:

Take spinning classes 2 times a week at my local gym.

In addition, get on the elliptical for 30 – 35 minutes 2 – 4 of the days that I don't take a spinning class each week.

My diet is as clean as I can make it and not feel like I'm depriving myself and avoid going too low calorie:

8:00am Breakfast is either a packet of instant oatmeal made with water or a bowl of Fiber One Honey Oat Cereal.

10:30am Either carrots or some sort of fruit

12:00pm Lunch. A homemade sandwich. Half a serving of light mayo. One slice of reduced fat cheese. Turkey.

2:00pm Serving of fruit

4:00pm Activia Vanilla yogurt

5:30pm Dinner. A serving of a lean meat along with a serving of carbs and serving of veggies. Little to no sauce. Minimal salt.

Thoughts? That's like 2 – 3 pounds a week… Think this lifestyle can make that happen? Dunno if I can keep all this up forever, but I know I can do it for 3 months…

dknol answers:

I think just cut ur meals in half,, no pop, little sweets and weight will start coming off. The old fashion, ( cut back on ur food, and exercise) Even if u are limited in the area of exercising, just try and do as much physical activity as fitting to ur ability. Oh yeas and drink lots of water.

Ruth asks…

How to lose stubborn abdominal fat?

I just read an article that says stomach cruntches and sit-ups dont burn fat at all.

If thats the case, how can I burn off this stubborn stomach fat?

If you can give me any tips about this, please do. And if you have any other tips on health and fitness you feel are upmost and essencial, feel free to share.


dknol answers:

Don't think about ab-fat as an “area” fat. It is “general storage” and is related to your general state of health and activity.

To get rid of fat in general, you must decrease caloric intake and increase caloric usage, so that “calories in” minus “calories used” is a negative number. In other words, you must use more than you eat (a negative caloric balance).

Diet and exercise is the only “trick.”

Exercise more. Brisk walking is better than nothing (but leisurely walking is equivalent to not exercising at all). In fact, brisk walking is easy on the joints, so you can “go longer” (longer distance or time). In addition, any exercise that is enjoyable to you has that same benefit. When you're having fun, you'll think less about having to keep going. Join a social sports club, like volleyball or flag football.

As for diet, there's no need to go “zero carb,” although you should minimize your sugars. If you want something sweet, stick to fruits. They have fiber which moderate the rise of blood sugar; insulin won't rise so high, and it's insulin that promotes fat deposition. And don't punish yourself by banning all sweets. Just have one or two Chips Ahoy, but no more. You have a better chance of succeeding in you weight-loss plan through moderation than through hard-core self-denial.

Donna asks…

What do you think of this new site?

Hi Guys

Almost finished a new health and fitness site – pretty much supplying articles & guides on keeping fit etc.

Please take a look and let me know what you think – any suggestions welcome

Note: Its not finished yet – neither has much content.
i.e homepage is quite bare


dknol answers:

To be fair it looks realy good, you could put google ads down the left and right sides of the page

Mandy asks…

ok, im in 9th grade, is this a normal amount of homework?

it seems like soooooo much to me
rhetoric- read 60 pages of lord of the flies
write a 3 paragraphs (of a 5 paragraph essay) on friendship

french- write a 3 paragraph essay about yourself
and a 7 page packet

math- 14 problems (not that much in this class)

biology- 6 paragraph essay on animals collecting food
write an article on how humans affect evolution

social studies- study (test tomorrow)
on socrates, plato, aristotle etc etc

art- spend 1 hour sewing a shirt, decorating it and then draw a picture of your shoes

health and fitness– read an 8 page article
fill out 7 paragraph form questions

this is all for one night
i go to a private school
oh and since your already answering my question
heres your reward
watch this HILARIOUSSS video

tell me what you think about this too haha
but dont forget about the homework!

dknol answers:

Oh,Yes! That's a lot. Unless they are letting you out at noon so you can go to the library and get a couple of hours head start on it.

Chris asks…

A Question from “Ask A Health Nut”?

Howdy Its the health nut, alot of you might know me from my health and fitness blog and group on Yahoo!

Here's my question:
In a recent article readers were warned to take a second look at the “reduced sugar” brands of cereals that they buy for their kids or themselves under the assumption that it is a lot healthier—when in fact the calorie count was still as high and the small amount of sugar that was taken out was replaced with those refined carbs that aid in weight gain!

Knowing this would you continue to buy these cereals? What kind of cereals do you eat normally for breakfast?
Here are a couple of tips for picking cereal:
1. Cereal should have at least 5 grams of fiber per serving and less than 5 grams of sugar per serving
2. At least 3 grams of Protein
3. Look for Whole Wheat or Whole Bran, not just Whole
4. Avoid cereals with hydrogenated oil, dyes, artificial flavors or anything chemical

dknol answers:

I my self i eat organic kashi and for my boys i make sure he eats from the food pyramid we stick with organic foods and beverages only turkey and chicken breasts. But i dont put any emphasizes on there calorie intake. My son is active and in sports and i think that as long as the parents are active and eat healthy the kids too will follow the same direction.. Without preaching. Its about educating. And Breakfast is the most important meal u know… My son eats organic o meal and fruit in the morning with a cold bottle of water. I do not buy anything that has any sugar supplements. If learned that when using sugar on or in anything the raw brown sugar is #1.

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