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Charles asks…

Question about the new york times?

hey there, I got this assignment to do for my health and fitness course and i'm confused. The professor said we were to summorize two articles from the new york times every tuesday for eight weeks, this is what is confusing me, she said the articles should be from the science section and then in brackets she has (make sure the articles are from the health and fitness section). i'm looking on the NYtimes online and I dont see a health and fitness section, anyone know about this cause i'm confused.Can I find it in the archives and if so, how? Thanks

dknol answers:

I'm not sure it's called health and fitness. I think she means the science section, with you choosing an article with health and fitness subject matter. There's always a good selection of those in the science section.

Linda asks…

Seventeen Magazine?

Can anyone find me an article thats about health and fitness. I need it for a school project. And it has to be a story about someone. Thanks!

dknol answers:

Look it up online, you can find much more stories on google, you'll never know untill you try

John asks…

Using Muscle Might and Acai Force Max?

I read an article from a health and fitness expert. They said that the best way to build muscle is to take a pill of Muscle Might a day and a pill of Acai Force Max a day. At first I was skeptical, but then it got me thinking.
I am a 16 year old male, I'm just over 6'1″, 175 lbs. I am pretty strong for my age and stature, but I want my strength to show off a bit more. I exercise 4 to 5 times a week, mainly muscle toning and muscle building exercises. I want to know if I should try a free sample of each bottle. Help? Plus, are there any SERIOUS side effects?
Oh, and I eat between 1500 and 2000 calories a day.

dknol answers:

Um, actually the people claiming to lose all the weight on Acai is a blatent case of Fraud. Yes, I mean Fraud, not a scam but much worse, Fraud. I “used” to search out the next best thing in weight loss, always trying to find the miracle cure. About a year ago I stopped all that now and just try to be healthier.

But didn't seem to matter what I was searching for on the web I always found the info. And being much more skeptical now I actually make it a mission of mine to find out what's wrong with something. If it's too good to be true, it almost certainly is. So now I'm always curious to find out what that something is.

This is actually one of the worst ones out there. Here is why I am saying it's Fraud and not just a scam.

1) free-trial isn't even a free-trial. I get that some companies will offer a free-trial and get people on laziness. They don't want to bother with returning product, or don't notice the charge and that's all. They don't even do that, it's far worse here. There are people cancelling the order (and talking to someone over the phone), sending shipments back, all in the time they are supposed to, and still get charged the full amount and have to call back again and complain to the company that they called to cancel, sent back the order, and still got charged the full price. Some people are getting charged over & over. Some folks are even getting charged for the 2nd month less than 2 weeks after the first order, before they even got the first order and/or after they already cancelled with the company over the phone and sent the product back.

2) It doesn't actually work. It doesn't even do what it claims to do. Some folks say they have more energy. Ok, well I can get more energy from anything. And yeah, more energy usually goes along with losing weight. You have more energy, you get out & do more and thus lose weight. The product didn't do any of that. I can do the same thing by drinking some caffiene right before I go to the gym or step outside to walk around.

Ok, so that above is more in scam territory. Is this really a case of Fraud? YES!!!

3) The before and after photos, and stories is the part that is fraud. Outright fraud. Email me if you want more proof, but if you google this enough you will see exactly what I do. It's always a busy mom with 2 kids or some other bullshit. I'm not saying the stories are similar, the are EXACTLY the same. The way I found this out is by googling the story line. Just copy and paste the story line you see in the one story, and you find it for several different people. You see the EXACT same story, and in some cases the EXACT same photo of the EXACT same person. Before and after. But the names are different, the sites are different, and it's supposedly a different person? I'm sorry but that is Fraud. You can't use the exact same success story and photos for 30 different people. Can you? No, it's called Fraud when you do that. I also have a feeling the before & after photos are photoshopped. You can Youtube how to use Photoshop to lose weight in a photo. I have a feeling the pics used in the cases of Fraud are most likely photoshop. Either the before pic, or after pic. Possibly both.

Another thing I wish everyone would think about is the weight loss programs out there. If you ever catch yourself flipping thru a magazine, and you see a new set of exercises to help you get a new you. You see a model in the photos demonstrating the routine. We always just assume they do this program too, and the model is in great shape, if I just do this I will look like that. Truth is only the people in the before/after photos even did the program. Or did they?

This is the part I wish people would think about more. If you were offered $5 do lose 50 pounds in 10 days using a new program, would you do it? The catch is you have to follow their program for 10 days and you only get the $5 if you lose at least 50 pounds in 10 days. Dream on, yes we would all love to lose 50 pounds in 10 days, but we can't all lose 50 pounds in 10 days. And you would probably say, well 5 bucks isn't worth the torture for 10 days I would have to put myself thru to lose the weight. Surgery is pretty expensive to do for only $5. Keep changing the analogy a bit and eventually you come up with something they probably do. $500 prize to whoever follows the plan and loses the most weight in 30 days, 60 days, 90 days. What if the prize was $5,000, or $50,000. What if it was $1,000,000. Now yer talkin! Or even if it's not a contest, but you are paid to lose weight, and you make more money when you lose more weight. You bet, if you were someone that looked more like a before photo that you would do everything you could to lose as much weight as possible. You might go out & get a personal trainer for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days to get as much money as possible. You might not even follow their plan. But boy you sure wou

Betty asks…

Will this 3-week walking plan work?

I am planning to start this workout:
I am 5 feet 3 inches and I weigh about 111 pounds, but I am composed of a lot of fat (waist line, etc.). Would this workout and watching what I eat help me at all? I am also planning to take apple cider vinegar with my water every day.

dknol answers:

The bottom line is you can never out run bad diet and overeating. If you truly want to lose weight and burn fat you must find a style of eating that allows you to eat less food and enjoy the food you eat. Always eat less calories what you consume (1000yrs old rule).

If you want to follow that walking program, more power to you. But don’t expect it to replace the fat burning results of an effective nutrition program. Instead combine it with a good program and see how it works.

I was about 209 and now my weight is about 187 and counting (im 6 feet). That's in 6 months. I started with walking and eventually (after 6weeks) started running (2-3 times in a week, 30-60 min) and doing simple workouts. I probably could do a bit better than that, but im lazy :D.

This website with workouts, diet tips and nutrition advices really helped.

Sandy asks…

How exactly is this related to Physics?

Our professor gave us this research/project thing. We were asked to research about an invention related to the topic that will be assigned. I got PHYSICS. And I've spent hours just looking for a good one. Then I found this article:…

TITLE: Mircobot Motors to Help Surgeons Treat Stroke Victims

But I kind of don't know how its related to Physics. I know about the branches and all (I researched about that too! :p) But I can't seem to see the connection!

PLEASE HELP. This is due two days from now and I still have to do powerpoint and videos and all. :((

dknol answers:

Well how are the motors powered??

Tbh its more to do with advancement in medicine

type in physics inventions

u could even do that new black hole machine!

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