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Sandra asks…

question about the new york times?

hey there, I got this assignment to do for my health and fitness course and i'm confused. The professor said we were to summorize two articles from the new york times every tuesday for eight weeks, this is what is confusing me, she said the articles should be from the science section and then in brackets she has (make sure the articles are from the health and fitness section). i'm looking on the NYtimes online and I dont see a health and fitness section, anyone know about this cause i'm confused.

dknol answers:

The Times does certain sections on certain days of the week. Look at the editions for each Tuesday, you should find it there.

James asks…

Was this a good idea of what to do with the sports section?

I'm a volunteer sportswriter for my campus paper, and earlier this week, the section editor told us that the managing editor has decided to eliminate the sports section. School games will still be covered, and our health and fitness columnist will keep her job, but all sports-related articles will be integrated into a new “culture and lifestyle” section, or the comments section if they're editorials.

A couple of us met with the managing editor today, and she said that she didn't believe anyone reads the paper solely for the sports section; giving us our own section at the back of the paper would be some form of exclusion. As it stands, we get two pages per issue, and the arts and culture section gets eight. The ratio of arts writers to sportswriters is about 2 to 1; we want proportional representation.

If you read the paper according to her new idea, would you like seeing sports articles scattered throughout “culture and lifestyle?” Why or why not?

dknol answers:

Perhaps a happy medium can be reached. Instead of scattering the sports articles, cluster them together within the “culture and lifestyles” section.

Could there be unspoken financial trimmings going on? Everyone is trying to skim off what they can.

Lisa asks…

Is my article worth? Read and give comments. Some tips for fitness.?

Read and tell me whether this article is good, better or best?

dknol answers:

I read your article and the only thing I would add is your sources of proof of your statements. Create the trail of proof so if someone questions you that you have scientific proof that your statements are right.

Thomas asks…

top articles directories?

does anyone know, the topics of health and fitness, special education, kid's club, special needs children are available in top articles websites

dknol answers:

You can set up news feeds for these subjects on your “My Yahoo” page, or even on iGoogle. Select news catagories and enter keywords to bring in desired results.

Michael asks…

For guys which is considered healthy..?? 10 points?

For guys which is considered healthy, flat butt or beefy one, cus once I heard that beefy butt means low testosterone, and now I found this article about how to add some to your butt?
Which is best?



dknol answers:

Well i dunno what's healthier but I like looking at a beefy butt…

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