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Daniel asks…

Can anybody get this to work?

dknol answers:

No, but the progressive muscle relaxation technique seems to work (with practice).


Donald asks…

Suggestions for my article?

I'm having a some writer's block at the moment. I need to write a couple of articles, fun/light-hearted/interesting articles about health and fitness and lifestyle. Has any one got any ideas of a good topic to write about or an interesting slant on a topic? Is there something that you would like to read about?

dknol answers:

Keep fit during your day to day life
Easy way to 5 a day – fool proof ways to get this boring food into your day to day life without the effort.
Avoid SAD – ways to keep happy now the dark nights are here

People are SO lazy now the dark nights are here., I want to keep fit, but I don't want to drive to the gym in the dark because I just want to go and get in bed. I want to eat 5 a day, but I don't want to cook 5 a day.

Lol have fun x

Sandy asks…

opinions needed for fitness articles?

I have two links to fitness articles, All I need is opinions on them.Including a side you chose and why. or anything you want to put down. Im doing this for a research paper and i need opinions. or send a link for anouther article and your opinion. please tell me which one you did.

dknol answers:

We join our mind, our body and our spirit in everything we do. A quote from this 91 year old Yoga instructor. I would have to say I choose her article with some skeptical notes. For some Christians, yoga is forbidden because it allows the enemy to enter your mind. For others yoga relaxes the muscles in your body which is needed to keep the blood flowing and keeps arteries from clogging. Does it work for all people? Not necessarily because she's a small framed woman. Was she like this all her life? This article didn't give those facts. This is why I stated I am a bit skeptical about her life. But age does matter. She's 91 with a good health record. If it kept her alive this long than the yoga does work or does it? It states she swims laps. That's where she gets her extra energy of exercise. So, yoga by itself isn't as efficient as it sounds. All it does is relax your body and relieves stress. The swimming is what keeps her fit. At first, I was going to choose Cage fitness because its similar to boot camp but this extensive routine can cause many other health problems like strokes or heart attacks because the arteries are working twice as hard and the muscles will cramp up more. But, remember she swims. That's as equivalent to extensive exercise movements. My dad is 85 years old and he goes to a fitness gym and eats healthy. He never had a stroke or heart attack. He use to have high blood pressure until he began eating the proper food. I read the other day a 21 year old having a heart attack and she is fit and a vegan. She found out she had a rare high cholesterol. Both article is good but the comparison would be that no matter what kind of exercise a person engages it depends on that individuals health. You can be skinny and fit and die because your heart gave out because of the extensive workout. The yoga routine is slow paced and the heart works lesser. She's been doing yoga for 51 years with the aid of swimming. The water relaxes the muscles and gives the heart less to pump which eliminates any possible heart attack or strokes. No where did I read that she had any heart problems, cancer or anything major wrong with her not even arthritis. Hope this helps but remember do a comparison for your research paper.

David asks…

Can I write articles if I'm not a specialist?

I'm trying to start writing for magazines as a freelance. However, I've heard many times that having specilaist knowledge helps, and whenever I open a magazine I see a list of certified contributors-experts. Is it a very big problem if I'm not a specialist and haven't got any professional background? I do know quite a lot about health and fitness, but will I be able to sell an article being an ordinary member of public? i would be extremely grateful for any suggestions, it worries me a lot.

dknol answers:

Not in “scientific” or other specialist magazines as they'll need to know you've got the necessary qualifications, but in general magazines (in newspapers and the like) you can contribute as an “ordinary member of the public”. I've sold many articles in this way. The most important thing is to make sure your research is 100% solid. If you get an article published and it's subsequently pointed out that something was wrong in that article, you probably won't get another published – certainly not with that magazine or any it's affiliated to. Clearly the message is stick with what you really know.

Lizzie asks…

What is a good Health Article to do my Paper On???? (Please Help Me)?

Not asking you to do my homework this is what I have to do

Health Paper

Select an article describing current research in the field of fitness,
health, nutrition, or wellness. The article that you choose should be at
least two pages long and published no more than one year ago.
Make sure to provide me with a photocopy of your article. Summarize
the article in your own words (half page minimum) and answer the
following questions as they pertain to the article you have selected:
1. Why did you pick this particular article? How did it spark your
2. What were the findings or conclusions made?
3. How does this research impact the field of exercise, nutrition, or
health science?
4. What have you learned from this article?
Due on or before Thursday, April 26th

If you guys know any good articles can you post the link to it…thank you

dknol answers:

Do something on pancreatic cancer. One of the more aggressive cancers, five-year survival rates are just as bad today as they were 20 years ago, even though other cancers cures have made significant strides in combatting them.

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