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Michael asks…

how to create a wordplay of fitness, health, sports and an active lifestyle in an advertisement poster?

how to create a wordplay of fitness, health, sports and an active lifestyle in an advertisement poster

it must be short and conscise.3-4 words

we're planning to put a mirror somewhere in the A3 size poster.

it must appeal to 13-16 year olds.both genders
help please…

dknol answers:

Livin' Movin', Lovin' Livin'.

Short, sweet, and an only slight bite off of McDonald's slogan. :):)

Ruth asks…

Does anyone have any health/fitness tips for a FEMALE?

I've been trying to eat healthier, and work out, but even when I'm on a balanced diet and exercising I get immense sugar cravings and binge before and during my period. also, I'm an emotional eater, and it's very hard for me to stay on a diet. In addition, this summer I'm going to be home ALL day so I'm more prone to eat unhealthy. Any tips and tricks, any personal success stories? Please share :-)

dknol answers:

Don't buy unhealthy things and keep them in the house. Eating different types of fruits that you normally do not consume is a good way to not get bored.As for the sugar cravings, try a teaspoon of honey.

Daniel asks…

What do you think about my health/fitness online store?

I started this website, and I was wondering if anyone could take a look and tell me what you think? Any constructive criticism? Thank you for your help!

dknol answers:

It looks ok. I would switch ‘HOME' and ‘Shopping Cart' places though.
I mean HOME on the left side and Shopping Cart on the right.

Also if you could make front page more attactive. With pictures may be.

Paul asks…

What's the difference, if any, between a Lifestyle Coach and a Health & Fitness Coach?

dknol answers:

I would say the same difference as a garbage man and a sanitary engineer.

Diet and exercise or nutritional counseling and personal training? Samo-samo…

Betty asks…

How do I improve the health and fitness of my boyfriend and I?

My boyfriend and I are both wanting to lose some weight and improve overall health. We don't live together, but I want to plan some sort of fitness challenge for us to do at the same time. Any idea of how to do this when we live an hour apart? We see each other on weekends, so that is easy, but I need something for the weekdays.

dknol answers:

First let me ask. What are your activity levels like? And how much weight do you want to lose? The reason why I ask is because I'm a Beachnody coach and we have programs designed for all different goals, like loosing weight, to getting fit and having toned muscles.
Next is how much time and effort are you willing to put into it? Reason being I can help get you in shape within 3 months. My wife an I done it, and I've helped dozens do the same.
There's a science to it but you have to dedicated to see maximum results. Now even if you were to “cheat” meaning eat junk food every now and then you can still lose weight but it will just take that much longer. As for the being apart you both can do the same workout routines and make it a competition like what my wife and I do. We're very competitive and we push each other everyday trying to out run or do more crunches than the other.It makes it fun. I'll tell you what here's a link to my website take a look at the programs and if you decide that this is what yo want to do, just email or call me and I'll walk you through it. Deal? Well I wish you and your BF good luck and I look forward to hearing from you.
Randy N

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