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Sharon asks…

Is the air force strict on eyesight, health, fitness, weight?

I want to apply as the infantry-style people of the air force, known in the uk as gunners in the raf regiment.. are they strict on the above and what can i expect if i am slightly overweight and wear glasses with eyesight not very good unless corrected to 20.20

HOWEVER I have no problems in doing fitness activities e.g. swimming, pushups etc

dknol answers:

Well if you guys would look at the question hes talking about the UKs royal air force…..not the USAF, so someone from the UK needs to answer him on this one

Ruth asks…

What are your favorite health, fitness, wellness and beauty websites and why?

dknol answers:

Max International is a health and wellness company dedicated to improving both the physical and financial lives of individuals all over the world.

Laura asks…

What qualifications/training do I need for a career in Health/Fitness training?

I already have a degree in gastroenterology and I am a senior assistant instructor in Tae Kwon Do

dknol answers:

Well to be a fitness instructor in the UK you need the basic level qualification which is known as a YMCA CYQ LEVEL 2 (Also known as an NVQ LEVEL 2) certificate. To be a Personal Trainer, try the next one up (level 3). Many specialist personal training places will offer training which costs thousands, but these two will give you the knowledge you need to get into training and can be done at any decent college, I should know I've done them!
The level 2 fitness instructor course can be done ‘intensively' over a period of just 2 months but the personal trainer level 3 takes a year to do as it is just one day per week. This was at Newcastle college, mind you, so your local college/uni may have different timescales.

P.s. Lol you don't need A-Levels in Biology & PE!

James asks…

What are some cheap health fitness clubs/centers?

Ok im 16 and recently lost about 40 pounds..but i really want to get in shape.This place by my house is like 80$ a month and my parents wont pay for that.I really really want to join some place.Im looking for a job to help pay but im lacking a job right now…what are some cheaper places

i live in new orleans

dknol answers:

You should try just working out by running i promise your result will be the same if not better than a gym just run a few miles a day ( ofcourse build up to it ) good luck and i wish you well

Maria asks…

What are some good health/fitness clubs?

I live in the Northland area and need a good place to work out, not too expensive.

dknol answers:

I like Eagle Fitness in Liberty. It's small and nobody knows you and they leave you alone and they have great work out equipment. That's where I'd go!

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