Your Questions About Health And Fitness

Mandy asks…

is it safe to get teeth whitening done at home?

I am planning to buy one of the following products:
please advice if it is safe to use these products at home. And also which of these products should I buy? Product 1 and 2 are the same with a striking price difference.

dknol answers:

Actually, my dentist recommended Crest 3D White Strips, which has gotten surprisingly good results (and I really don't mean to sound like a commercial here). I'm gonna try them out in a couple of days.

Robert asks…

A question for people who blog or create websites?

Ive started this girls fitness club at school and I wanted everyone able to keep each other up to date on their healthfitness status. It also helps me see which girls are action oriented and completing these fitness goals.

I've created a facebook group page but I was wondering if it would be better to create a website or use another blogging site. There are a few girls that can't use facebook yet I don't know if there are better ways to help girls post (pics, recipes, excersises, comments, etc)

Any ideas or suggestions for websites I can use or create for my club?

dknol answers:

Tumblr tumblr tumblr. Its the best site for those kinds of things. You can also customize it and find themes to make it look prettier. If you want to know more just go type tumblr fitness club on google to give you some ideas. There's also tons of working out blogs you can follow for more inspiration to others etc. And you also said where you can find recipes, pics, and excersises.. Well tumblr has all that as well. If you got any more questions message me at ( hope i helped! Xx

Mark asks…

The effects that lifestyle factors can have on health and fitness when applying for a uniformed service?

Hi guys, i want to know how different lifestyle factors can affect health and fitness when applying for a uniformed service?


dknol answers:

Well smoking would reduce your lung capacity which would make it harder to run and pass the fitness tests that you are required to do. Simillarly, being overweight through poor diet and lack of exercise would simillarly effect your ability to be able to deal with the fitness testing.

Nancy asks…

How does one determine if healthy living styles have gone too far?

How much concern is normal in healthy living? Is it possible to be too preoccupied with health, fitness, and nutrition? Is it normal to eat regularly and go through bouts of strict dieting and/or fasting, even if i'ts not that long? Three to five days, one to two weeks, an occasional month or two?

dknol answers:

It is completely normal to be concerned with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and positive self-image. However, it is very possible to become too obsessed with it, and “strict dieting” and fasting are definitely crossing the line. That sounds like something that could easily turn into an eating disorder, and fasting definitely isn't good for your body or metabolism.

Be careful and best of luck.

Lisa asks…

Are the medical standards for the Guard/Reserve relaxed if going in as a doctor/nurse?

If someone is going in as a health professional, do they have different standards in terms of health/fitness?

dknol answers:

No they are the same across the board for all personnel.

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