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Robert asks…

What are my career options with a Mathematics degree?


I have a Bachelor of Science degree with a Major in Mathematics, a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Minor in French, and a Master of Arts in Teaching degree with a Major in Secondary Education with a Concentration in Mathematics. I am also certified to teach Zumba.

I am passionate about health, fitness, nutrition, mathematics education, and French education.

I know for a fact that I do NOT want to be a school teacher anymore. I am trying to find something that I can do with my mathematics degree, but it seems that every career requires something specific, like engineering or business.

Really, I would be happiest working as a tutor and a Zumba instructor, but that just won't pay the bills; plus, I need benefits. What can I do to use my skills and fits my qualifications?

Thanks in advance,
Job Seeker

dknol answers:

Do what you love, I know it sounds like very genreal advice, and I usually hate giving genreal advice. But honestly (assuming you live in the USA) a BS/BA degree in anything will get you about 95% of jobs you can think… There are only a few (like few than few) jobs that actually require a degree in a certain subject… Which is absolutely f*cking stupid, but its a sad truth to it.

Good luck :)

Daniel asks…

Any tips on swimming and running once or twice week for beginner?

After three years of poor health (I had a some unknown illness) and one operation I would like to working out again. One of the things I would really like to do is start swimming and running again like before when I was fit. My health fitness is not like before and I huff and puff at most things. Can anyone please help me on any advice to get started. I had the all clear from my doctor to start. Thanks in advance.

dknol answers:

I would start with the swimming first it exercises more of the muscles and exercises muscles you don't use everyday start doing breaststroke up (one length) and front crawl back (if you get tired doing front crawl go back to breast but keep trying) dont push youself at the start once you get going do front crawl up and back then start running.

Mark asks…

How to cut on food and stop loving to eat all the time?

My fiance is very health fitness and diet conscience and I love high calorie food items . I love him a lot and want to stay fit like him although iam skinny now but I want to maintain It .. But how will I ? Because I love food and eating .. I mean he is 31 and he looks like 24 I wanna stay fit too so?? Any idea how to stop loving eating n all?

dknol answers:

You shouldnt stop loving to eat. Your fiance should like you the way you are. Talk to him and ask for his advice, but don't go to worse solutions like not eating or anything.

Sharon asks…

How do I find my post of 4chan?

I posted a pic on the Health/Fitness forum on 4chan but I can't find it so I can see the comments.

dknol answers:

Enter “noko” in the email field.

After you post, you will be directed to the thread you were just on.

Welcome to 4chan.

Mary asks…

What's your biggest motivation for getting fit and healthy?

Is it to achieve a great body, general health. Fitness. To look better to the opposite sex or same. To feel good, etc…
Every answer is fantastic, a couple of touching ones aswell, it's really nice hearing people's motivations for the healthy lifestyle. I really do wish you all the success with it and to have fun while you achieve it :)

dknol answers:

To not be overweight.

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