Your Questions About Health And Fitness

Carol asks…

Identifying a career in health and fitness?

I'm going to school and am deciding on a major. I am leaning towards something in health and fitness. I've considered dietetics, nutritionist, personal trainer, things like that. Are there careers that have a combination of those needed skills? What majors open up those careers?

dknol answers:

I been reading a lot about combining physical fitness and brain fitness as an up and coming thing good luck.

Chris asks…

What are your goals for the following catagories?

Hi there,
I am doing a project for school called ” What People Wish to Achieve in Life”. I need to interview some people. If you have the time, please write your goals for the following catagories:

4.Helping Others

I know boring catagories, but hey it's school. If you want to add additional goals that don't fit in these catagories you can do that too.


dknol answers:

1. Get married
2. Start a family

1. Ensure I stay healthy
2. Try and establish a healthier fitness routine

Helping others:
1. Volunteer time to charity
2. Work longer hours at the daycare centre where I volunteer

1. Complete my journalism degree

Michael asks…

How should credentials be arranged after my name?

I was wondering if there is a specific protocol for arranging the credential acronyms after my name on a business card? I am certified as a Health Fitness Specialist (HFS), graduating with an MBA and going to take the exam for a certified financial planner (CFP). Should it be arranged from highest achievement down to lowest or does it matter?

dknol answers:

Highest down would be best since that is read first./

Richard asks…

What kind of jobs can I get with a Masters in Exercise Science?

In about a year and a half I am going to have a B.S. in Health Fitness, but want to know what kind of opportunities there are if I go further in school and get a masters. Serious and Knowledgeable answers only, please, and let me know what kind of facilities and opportunities (NOT teaching) I would have with this higher degree.

dknol answers:

If you have no interest in something like being a gym teacher or personal trainer, you could be involved in research about exercise and its benefits. Places like the National Institutes of Health might be a good place to start your investigation of possible careers that do not involve teaching.

Sharon asks…

What are some ideas for a graduation project?

The state that i live in, We have to complete a graduation project before we graduate from high school. We start in our junior year of high school and it continues until our Senior year. We have to come up with a topic( or area) of interest that we like or would like to learn more about. And then we have to come up with a question about our topic that we want to answer or further research about. I choose nutrition/health,fitness/ for my topic. What are some things i could do do in that area?

dknol answers:

In the near future extended space travel will require all three of those. And are being studied intensively now. For months of space travel to mars. It would be unique enough to be interesting, and fit your interest. Staying physically fit in low gravity., food for the journey, etc.

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