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Richard asks…

How do I start an essay evaluating my health/physical fitness?

It's for a health project, its about what we learned from the project about our caloric intake/output, how physically fit we are, and our diet. I have no clue how to start this.

dknol answers:

I'd start by mentioning the holistic approach to health, which means that one isn't entirely healthy unless they have balance within their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being, with a quick explanation of what that means. Then I'd give a basic overview of my findings, i.e what my intake/output was, how fit I am, what my diet is like, and how I tested these things. I'd then split these up into categories, and do a paragraph on each. As I go through each paragraph, I would discuss what I'm doing currently, what affect this currently has on my health, why I'm doing what I'm doing, what may be affecting my choices, and how I can improve my overall health. So, for example, I might say that my caloric intake is 3200 calories and my caloric output is 2100 calories (these are just two numbers off the top of my head). I would then say what affect this has, so if my caloric intake is higher than caloric output, I put on weight, which makes me feel bad about myself and affects emotional health. I might suggest why my caloric intake is higher than my output, such as not exercising enough, or eating or drinking high calorie things too often. I would then say that my choices may be affected by the availability of food, what I can afford, time restraints etc. I would finish this off by saying that I could improve my calorie intake/output by doing more exercise, or by replacing some high calorie foods with lower calorie alternatives. I would do this for each paragraph.

David asks…

Need topic for something health and fitness related?

I need a topid related to fitness and health for a research essay.

The more topics you think of the better (and even better if you could provide examples). I can't seem to settle on something and it would be a HUGE help.
The topic has to be fairly specific

I've considered
-The appeal of fad diets and their negative effects
-Obesity rates in children-are the schools to blame?
-Is eating organic a false fad, or are their proven health benefits?

However I couldn't really get into them. Anything else?

dknol answers:

Advertisement on TV confusing kids about what is healthy and what not.

(It has been found that children get confused about that since some products labled fat free or diet.. Or perceived as being healthier, for example than Orange juice or Cottage cheese, which don't have those lables)

Betty asks…

Where can you find more members for our active Health, Fitness and Bodybuilding/Powerlifting/Sports Forum?

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Don't be a stranger Iron Dungeon is 100% Australia and takes 30 seconds to join.
Be a part of this grwoing community!
www . irondungeon . org

dknol answers:

Is that website operated by Matt Canning?

Sandy asks…

does anybody want to employ me? working with primary children in a sport/health/fitness role in west yorkshire

i want to work with children (pref primary aged) in the area of sports, health and fitness. I have a degree in education with plenty of teaching experience as well as several sports coaching qualifications. working in the West Yorkshire area.

dknol answers:

If I was you I would type out a letter introducing yourself and giving details of your qualifications & experience then mass mail it to all the primary schools in the area. Mention the goverment ‘Healthy schools' project and that you can be used to fill the requirements of that. We've taken on lots of freelance people who have done this in the school I teach in. By the way if you have an up to date police check mention that too.

Joseph asks…

Easy ways to slowly improve your fitness/health?

I'm not going to ever go on a diet or anything or fast, and I'm not one to have a daily exercising ritual, but does anyone have some tips on things that will help me stay fit? But not rigorous things for a short period of time. Just tips. Like to stop eating an afternoon snack, or to take a walk around your neighborhood once a week? Are there certain foods that are REALLY fatty that I should stay away from? Etc. etc. etc.

dknol answers:

I started hiking with my husband about 8 months ago – I only wanted to improve my fitness, I was not trying to lose weight. We started off with easy 2 mile trails 2-3 times a week and worked up to difficult 4-6 mile trails 5 times a week. I noticed a definite improvement in muscle tone and endurance within a month. This really worked for us because we kept each other motivated (when I felt lazy, he pushed me to go and vice versa), we ended up truly enjoying the time spent outdoors, and we have access to 4 great parks within 10 miles.

As for foods to avoid, I make an effort to rarely, if ever, eat processed food or fast food (maybe once every 2 or 3 months). It makes a huge difference in your skin, energy levels, and overall feeling of health.

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