Your Questions About Health And Fitness

William asks…

What's your best health, fitness, and beauty tips, tricks, and products?

dknol answers:

Get 8 hours of sleep each night, drink lots of water, eat healthy and get some type of aerobic exercise daily. Eat foods & use products that are the least processed…. Such as fresh foods vs. Prepared and products like cocoa butter for a moisturizer vs. The high priced dept. Store types.

Mark asks…

How much is a membership at a Health Plus Fitness Center?

I am in Auburn, AL and am wanting to know how much a membership at Health Plus Fitness Center is monthly or however they do it. Thanks

dknol answers:


Hope that helps.

Mandy asks…

Does anyone know a good active forum where you can discuss health, fitness and exercise?

dknol answers:

Joseph asks…

What is a good low-impact health and fitness plan for obesity reduction?

Need a plan to reduce waist size, increase energy levels, and to help overall physical fitness. It needs to be low-impact and a year-long process.

dknol answers:

Go on a 1-hour walk every day (if you can't walk for a whole hour, then either brake up your walk into 2 shorter walks (30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening) or just walk as much as you can until your fitness level improves to be able to walk the 1-hour a day walk).

Certain nutritional deficiencies cause food cravings (and lowers energy levels). Even if you're eating alot or very healthy, you still can get nutritional deficiencies for a number of different reasons! If I were you, I'd get my iron, vitamin B12, and magnesium levels checked out by the doctor/nurse. They will take a blood test to see if you're low in any of them, because these nutrients are the most common to be deficient in. (PS: I personally get iron infusions done twice a year and vitamin B12 injections once a month, and this REALLY helps to curb appetite, because my brain isn't signaling that it needs more nutrients that it's missing, so I eat less).

Low pH levels also cause food cravings and a slower metabolism. Make sure you're eating healthy foods that are alkalizing! (goole which foods are alkalizing, if you don't know). Whenever you have a food craving, drink a glass of water with 1 freshly squeezed lemon in it. Lemons are VERY alkalizing, which you want, and the water hydrates you (studies have shown that often when we think we are hungry, we are actuallly thirsty!! So make sure you're drinking your water!)

if you have a sweet-tooth (craving sugar), sweeten things with stevia, agave nectar, or raw honey. Here are some (youtube) videos how to make HEALTHY desserts:




and here are youtube videos about different diets (so you can see what would work for you):



John asks…

what is the best website for the health or fitness ?

i have presentation today and i have to take about useful website that has related to the health or fitness. so can you please give me some tips ?

dknol answers:

If it is all about health care and health products. You may visit and join this site globalmaxvision , highly recommend as it will give you much of information about what you really need to know.

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