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Charles asks…

How do lifestyle changes impact a person's health and fitness?

How does a high cholesterol diet affect a person’s health? What are the effects of smoking on a person’s physical fitness?

dknol answers:

While their are good and bad cholesterol's, a lot of foods we eat unfortunately contain the bad type. The good kind is produced by your body and helps absorb and diminish the bad. IT is a lot to explain, but most importantly, the way it affects your health and fitness is that too much cholesterol can clog your arteries therefore decreasing blood flow which can lead to heart attack or stroke. Also, people with high cholesterol often feel signs of fatigue which causes laziness as well.

Smoking causes shortness of breath, plaque build up in the arteries, and has been known to cause cancer. Sorry, that is all I have on that subject.

Paul asks…

Can a someone with fitness/health experience help me?

I'll face it- I am an obese American male. I am 18 years old, with a weight of 219 lbs, and standing at 5 ft. 8 inches. I was wondering what is a good daily workout plan, detailed please, and a good daily diet. I cannot do the running machine for long periods of time, do to weak knees, and my goal is to get to 210 lbs by the end of August(or a better goal, if suggested). Please include details, most people I ask simply say eat less and excercise, but I have no idea how to. Also, there is a fitness center less than a block away, but no personal fitness instructors. Thanks a lot!

dknol answers:

A low calorie diet can be the simplest form of dieting, doing nothing more than reducing the number of calories you consume. You could diet on cheesecake, and lose weight! But beware the pitfalls.
A diet based on simply eating smaller amounts of the same highly processed, calorie-rich foods, typically results in hunger, poor nutrition, and only temporary weight loss. Eating tiny portions of high calorie, processed foods does not satisfy our hunger. We go off our diets and regain the weight we lost. When we do this again and again, it is harmful to both our health and our self-esteem.
By eating foods that are higher in nutrients and fiber and lower in calories, you become satisfied eating fewer calories. You can lose weight even though you are eating more food.
The number 3,500 is commonly used to represent the number of calories in a pound of body fat, keep in mind that it is only approximate. If you were to burn 500 calories more than you consume each day, you would lose approximately one pound each week.
Since you did mention you have weak knees trying walking for at least 20 minutes this week and then add another 5 minutes a week until you can do at least 45 minutes. Your weight loss goal of 9 lbs seems more than resonable.
I listed 2 websites in know your source that may be of interest to you. is a diet and weight loss tutorial and if you hunt around will give you a walking program, diet suggestions and recipes, as well as strength training programs. All of this what you need to lost weight. I think it's better to find what works for you other than having other people tell you what you should or shouldn't be doing. So stop by those to websites and gather the information you need to be successful.

Laura asks…

Is it better to get a Bachelor's in Fitness/Health Management or do a one year massage therapy program?

I'm at a crossroads. Do I borrow student loans for 2 more years and finish with my bachelor's or stick with an associates and go for a one year massage therapy program? Which one will make more money in the long run?

dknol answers:

If i were you, i'd go for the bachelors degree. But thats just me, i have a friend who did the one year massage therapy program, and she is doing well for herself, she started of at one of those upity fancy spa in Manhattan, now she runs her own business, its up to you.

Ken asks…

How do you promote an online health and fitness discussion board?

I recently started so that health and fitness buffs had a place to go and discuss topics in a forum. It's been a bit tough to find new members. Can you give me some feedback, ideas, tips, or maybe even join? :-)

dknol answers:

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Maria asks…

What are your fitness [health] goals for 2011?

This can include fitness or health in general (such as food). ?

Mine is to exercise for at least an hour everyday and eat what I want but
a) Eat until satisfied (both mentally and physically)
b) In small portions .
But my daily diet will be mostly healthy :)
How about you?

dknol answers:

Mine are to eat less chocolate, drink/eat less sugary/fatty food products, start eating vegetables(because I always try to avoid eating them) , get more iron in my diet and jog(stay active) a couple times a week in the summer.

I don't do this but if you want to lose weight, you should keep a diet diary on how many calories you eat per day and the amount of calories you lose when exercising —-I think it works!

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