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Carol asks…

What is a good Domain name for a Health and Fitness Site?

I am putting up a web sit for health and fitness.It has books and other fitness stuff.So I need help please thanks.

dknol answers:

John asks…

Can anyone tell me a good Health and Fitness Forum with active and friendly users?

I want to join a Health and Fitness Forum with a friendly community because recently i have become a health freak and want to discuss some health issues with people. If anyone knows of a great Health and Fitness Forum let me know!

dknol answers:

I think web md is a good site with lots of forums and newsletters. They have a fitness site

Sandy asks…

How can health and fitness keep you out of trouble in the water?

how can health and fitness keep you out of trouble in the water?
Thanks to anyone who can help! :)

dknol answers:

Fat floats.. Btw, fat people float whereas fit people tend to sink.

I'm not quite sure what your asking but being out of shape and trying to swim can result in a swimmers cramp and although very un likely, drowning. Other than that it's mostly technique and knowing how to swim more than what kind of shape your in.

Charles asks…

What is a good title for a project on Health and Fitness?

Hi I need a really good title for a bulletin board that I am doing for health and fitness and I am drawing a blank. So could anyone please help me with a really cool title.Thanks!

dknol answers:

Hi! You can use “Fitness Keys” ” Health and Beyond” “Fitness Time” “Live Healthy” and many more. Hope that I helped.

Lizzie asks…

What should my health and fitness plan be for this summer?

I'm 12 years old, at a height of 4″11, and definitely weighing more than I should (at least 20 lbs. overweight-I think o.o). I want to not only lose weight, but become more healthy too. I want to look better and be more fit and lean for the next school year, so I definitely need some help. If you can, can you provide some exercises,tips, and the right foods to eat, or all in all, a health and fitness plan for me? It'll be greatly appreciated :]

dknol answers:

Being a personal trainer for 5 years , i could only advise you this . That at this stage of growth , you will encounter the most muscle gain/height gain/strength gain . The effects of puberty on your body is like instant growth enhancement . What you have to do to capitalise on this is a combination of things .

1) Improve on sports performance ( you are at your peak at mastering motor skill related activities , so pick up basketball , take jiu jitsu , and anything , and you will learn fast)

2) Do not do treamills (why do it when you can do soccer), you wanna burn calories , play soccer with friends , run up a hill , box , or wrestle younger siblings . Confirmed high calorie burn.

3) Do not take power lifting classes ( yes its true , it will stunt your growth , epiphyseal plates at the end of your bones will seal if you lift very heavy weights , stunting your growth )

4) Watch your diet ( eat more , just the low glycemic index foods) calculate your current weight , and your current calories , you can use a calorie counter at

5) Weight train sensibly , do weights but sensibly , lift any weight you can do for just 10 times and you cant do any more by the 11th .

But ultimately there are tons of advice i could dish out , why not take a look at this , a combination of all the best fitness industry information . Right here .


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