Your Questions About Health And Fitness

Thomas asks…

What kind of questions should I ask about Health and Fitness?

So my project is to interview people about Health and Fitness, and I really have no idea of what questions to ask other than what do you think of health and fitness. Please help me, thanks in advance!

dknol answers:

1. What do you consider a good balanced diet and do you follow it?
2. How much do you think you should exercise and how much do you exercise?
3. Do you know your own body composition? Weight, fat%, muscle% bone density etc?
4. What is your idea weight and body fat %/
5. Do you know the difference between complex and simple carbs?
6. Is diet or exercise more important for weight/fat loss?

Jenny asks…

What is a good first message to post in a health and fitness group?

This is my first time as a moderator. I am trying to post a message on my Health Zone group that will act like an ice breaker for new members to open up and share a little about themselves. My goal is to have hundreds of people join this group and for them to share there experiences in health and fitness.

dknol answers:

Maybe something you are really dealing with, don't make something up, be truthful.

Paul asks…

What are some good health and fitness related prize ideas?

I'm starting a point-based fitness club at my school and need some good health and fitness related prize ideas for both individuals and groups of about five people. It would be very helpful if the prizes were cheap and gender neutral.

dknol answers:

What do you think of these?

Skipping rope
Water bottles
Cheap Sunglasses
Little plastic trophies
Before and after pictures in a card (if you have a long program with visual results)
A card with a picture of the participants doing an activity

Hope that helps.

Donna asks…

Does the ACSM Health Fitness Specialist cert. make you certified as a personal trainer?

My friend just told me that shes taking the ACSM HFS cert. test and that her internship supervisor told her that it covers the personal training. I was going to just take the personal training cert. but it seems more beneficial to take the specialist test.

dknol answers:

All details are on their home page

Betty asks…

How are important value such as health and fitness reflected in the market-place today?

How are important value such as health and fitness reflected in the market-place today?

dknol answers:

What did you mean by market place I do not understand…but health and fitness is one of the most important issues which are taken for granted by one and all when young…it does not usually get the attention it should in our young days of life.

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