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Michael asks…

What is needed for a current WoW computer?

Looking to get back into WoW but I know somewhere between little and nothing about computers so anything about what would be good in a computer for WoW with all current expansions.

Only really need the computer to run WoW as far as games go and I don't need anything more than medium graphic settings so I'm hoping to get a desktop on a budget of around $400. Any info on requirements or links to affordable and functional computers much appreciated.

dknol answers:

What is the best and fastest Laptop for gaming…
Here are some sites to check it out and see for your self…
Here is some information that will help…
Http://… or

Group test: what's the best high-end laptop?
Buget best buy you may check out for HP Pavilion dv6-7010us 15.6-Inch Laptop
AMD Quad Core A8-4500M Processor 1.9 GHz (4MB Cache)
750GB 5400rpm Hard Drive
15.6-Inch Screen, AMD Radeon HD 7640
Good luck, and have fun looking around…

Paul asks…

What is making my computer run slow on games?

Windows 7 Home Premium

Processor: AMD 38-3820 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics 2.50 GHz

RAM: 8.00 GB

Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6550D

64 bit, 1 TB hard-drive

I can run games like WoW, CS:GO, and League of Legends on LOW settings.

I can‘t run games like Battlefield 3, Garry's Mod on LOW.

I just wanted to find out why I can‘t run games on my system. Thanks for any answers :)

dknol answers:

First of all, consider upgrading your computer!
Your ram is ok, Your processor could be an Intel or an AMD just a bit higher and the graphics card could be good to upgrade too.
If you'd write more about your specs, i would know better and get you a good answer.
All i can say is consider upgrading your computer and the guy who answered before me, is saying you need more ram? Thats rubish.. Just saying because all you need is actually a little bit better hardware and you can test if you can run other games at:

Steven asks…

How do i make My Alienware M11x use the NVIDIA graphics card on WoW instead of integrated?

I have the R2.

When i went on WoW i got horrible FPS in main cities so i'm assuming it didnt switch graphics card.
Help! I dont know how to start the graphics card

dknol answers:

Ok, these people obviously don't understand that your M11x R2 runs an Optimus video card….which is being tricky at the moment.

First thing you want to do is go to NVIDIA control panel > Manage 3d settings, and make sure you add WoW under the Program Settings to be matched with “High Performance NVIDIA Processor”. It should already recognize it, but it's being buggy. So manually add it anyway.

Then go here:
and get the 64-bit Test Viewer. Unzip it and run the viewer, keeping it open. Then run WoW in windowed mode. This will let you know if the video card changes from Intel HD gfx to the NIVIDIA when WoW is running. If it is switching to dedicated and FPS is still poor, you are not alone. There are currently serious driver problems with the R2 version of the M11x. New drivers are being worked on and if you keep your eyes on the Dell driver site, they have been updating them. Last I checked, the Beta driver did not help the WoW problem. Your computer is more than powerful however, and the drivers should hopefully be fixed soon. Good luck!

Charles asks…

What Specs Should I Look For In a Gaming Desktop?

I'd like to get my first gaming desktop. I'm not completely adapt at computers, but I can understand most basic things. I'd just like a few questions, such as if I would need an i7 or I would be fine with an i5. What is the main difference between Intel and AMD? Most discussion boards I've visited about the topic usually have people saying Intel is better because it's “the next generation”. I play quite a variety of games such as LoL, WoW, Counterstrike, Diablo, Starcraft, GTA, and hopefully more after I get my new computer which could run all of them at optimal settings. I'd be able to put around $900-$1000 into the computer and want one in which I wouldn't have to upgrade things very often, hopefully coming with a top of the line video card installed. Any tips or suggestions about what to check out or what to look for would be greatly appreciated.

dknol answers:

First, you ask yourself some questions.
1) Build yourself, buy completed, or custom builder?
Building it yourself will take research of good from bad, and advice on your part list.
The pcpartpicker web site, already mentioned in other answer(s) is a shopping and compatibility tool that helps you to also get all the parts you need. You save a variable amount of money, and can choose your own goals. Custom build is normally the highest price, selecting from their part list and they assemble, test, ship. Buying completed takes some shopping. In all three you should still learn good from bad, or take someone's word for it.
2) Your goals in the system?:
Best performance for the money spent, or quality-stability-reliability, or cosmetic features, or upgradability. Some of these overlap, but you get a different result based on your desires in each area.
3) Total cost including what part set?
Base computer, monitor, cables, speakers/headset, keyboard, mouse.
A different total cost yields different results, and even mentioning the $900-1000, what does it include?

Your current games are relatively low requirements. I do not see Battlefield-4, Crysis-3, or even Skyrim. There is a list here and laptop measures of graphics cards, and some Desktop if you select Desktop+Laptop GPU, select games, RESTRICT.

The general guidance of performance is that settings and frame rates will depend on the graphics card unless bottlenecked by the CPU or RAM or even display (60Hz=60fps).
Will you want to overclock the CPU (even if it gains little in performance?) ?
Digital Storm is a high quality custom builder and they also sell Vanquish as a pre-built in various levels:

About AMD vs Intel CPUs, the actual gaming performance for the price is very close, although in recording gaming or other applications of non-gaming and multitasking, AMD is often a better value. However, if your eventual goal is a tier 1 system, you can only get there with an Intel CPU.
You can get great price-performance using an AMD CPU, especially that motherboards are often better featured for the price when adding CPU+Motherboard. AMD CPUs do use more power and are generally less efficient.

I5 vs i7 and CPUs of over 4 cores: Only Crysis-3 with its Cry-3 engine fully utilizes the CPUs capabilities. Games you mention use only one or two cores, and newer games to 4 cores. Skyrim uses 2 cores fully and 2 cores weakly. Hyperthreading virtual cores of i7 are for Crysis-3 and multitasking (like game recording) and editing video. There is little difference in gaming performance starting with 3rd gen Intel i5 through all the i7's.

There is some disagreement about the FX series of AMD versus Intel i3, but once at i5, you have surpassed all AMD in gaming (exc Cry-3 engine). In a build of best value for the money, you start with an i3 or FX-6300. In a build of a future performance at top level, you can start with an i3 and upgrade or start with i5 and be done with it. Haswell Intel is about 6% better than its similar Ivy Brodge, and the motherboards of Haswell generally are better but cost more. Once choosing Intel, you need to decide Ivy Bridge or Haswell. The i5's of Ivy Bridge are adequate for ultra for every game. More CPU power does not increase gaming performance (except if recording). K version cpus are overclockable and must mate with Z motherboards to do the overclocking plus a good CPU cooler. You can still damage the CPU.

In that my answer is running out of space, GPU upgrade is similar to GPU selection:;_ylt=As3_bG9s1FBTBnMCpx0UZebty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20130816021720AAgXVjJ
There are good value pre-built by Avatar, CyberpowerPC and iBuypower at, but they will often use some lower grade components.
To Crossfire/SLI 2 graphics cards in the future, you need a dual slot board pcie x 16, and SLI needs x8/x8 capable and that runs better in crossfire.
A high quality power supply is very worthwhile. Bad supplies make mysterious issues and very bad ones can wipe out your system when they blow.
You would have to look through some Q+A in my history to learn more, or email me.
Are you near a Microcenter with discounted CPUs?
First pass Intel Ivy Bridge overclockable and SLI/CF capable build, now $940.90 after promos and rebates, some expire today:
and, a $970 Haswell i5 based:
each of which can be edited and swizzled.

Mandy asks…

How do you create a private game server?

I want to create a game server for myself, just to get end game items such as armor and weapons and learn all the skills and test them out before I pick a certain class for the real game servers. I don't care if the server can be used by others, I want it for my personal use. How can I do this for games such as Warhammer Online, WoW and Aion. More Aion than any other.

Also how would you acquire the weapons and armor?


dknol answers:

Many people have the idea of renting a game server. Most of their problems is that they do not have enough information to do so and do not want to waste their money on something that they cannot do. That is why some people create their own server to get the idea of how it works. I will give you help on creating your own Source or Regular Game Server. People who usually try to make their server uses their steam account and goes to the tools section.

That is the express way for a server, if you want to fully understand your server you need all the files a real game server has.

I will be giving you instructions for Source Dedicated Server.

It is pretty straight forward, as long as you have some sense of windows and command prompt this should not be a difficult task. This also works best if you have a old computer that is not used but is still hooked up to your network. Remember that to run a game server you do not need a graphics card, you really don't need much, a Pentium 3 is fine to do the job.

How To Create A Dedicated Source Server, The 8 Step Program by: Whyy
1. Download the HLDS UPDATE TOOL

2. After you finished downloading the .exe run the wizard. When it asks you for the destination folder, click browse and type c:srcds in the text and then click OK. Finish installing the wizard.

3. Press Start and click on Run (right side of the start menu). After you click on run a small window will open. Type cmd in the box and hit enter.
A command promopt will open and it would say
C:Documents and SettingsUser>
type cd.. And hit enter. Now it will look like
C:Documents and Settings>
type cd.. And hit enter again. Now it will look like
Do not forget that this is case sensitive.
Now type cd srcds and hit enter.
It should now look like
type hldsupdatetool and hit enter. It will check for the newest version of the tool. There will be a list of things in the command prompt. Do not read that it would most likely not make sense to you. Just follow the steps here and not on the command prompt.

4. Now in your command prompt type
hldsupdatetool -command update -game “Counter-Strike Source” -dir C:srcds

that is assuming you want cs:s for your game server. This will take you on the average about 30 minutes to an 1 hour depending on your internet connection. In that time you can either surf for admin plugins and game mods, or you can “drop the kids off at the pool” if you catch my drift. Who says you can't have a good time while working?

5. You will know that your download is finished because it will say it on the command prompt. Go to your srcds folder, that means click on my computer then local disk drive C: and then srcds.

6. If you don't know how the server works then i would suggest using the GUI, this is the easiet thing to do.. If you know your commands to run a game server for ex. Mp_friendlyfire, then you could probably work through the server console and not the GUI. The advantages of the console over the GUI is that it uses less cpu usage and would not lag as much.a GUI is fine for learning. If you want to use a GUI then you are done. Your journey has stopped and you can leave.

7. To run in console you first need to make your own config file. It is simple becuase i will give you the tools to do so. First your C:srcds folder should still be opened. Go into your cstrike then your cfg folder. In there you should see a game.cfg file. If you do then open it up using notepad. If there is information in their press ctrl + a and then press the delete button. Now go to this site CFG MAKER
this is a easy way to make your own cfg. It is straight forward not that much explanation. After you are done creating your cfg from the website copy and paste the information from the website in the black box to your game.cfg file. Now press save. Close the notepad and right click on the game.cfg press rename and rename the game to server.

8. Now press start and press Run. Copy and paste this information in the run box. Depending on what map game and players you want to have.
C:srcdssrcds.exe -console -game cstrike +map de_dust2 -maxplayers 16 -autoupdate to see more

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