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John asks…

How can I add memory in order to have a webcam?

My computer has 256 RAM,yet a message came up for needing more virtual memory.
The geek squad desk said to bring it in cost about 300.00, and I thought that my computer guy had up-graded my computer,but I guess that he didn't.
My existing space shows that I have none to spare.
What to do?

dknol answers:

Just go to and run the free memory scanner test, quick and easy and free.

I bet it will cost you about $45 to buy the memory and do it yourself.

Then when you get the memory, ground yourself out so you do not kill the memory with statc discharge and install it into your computer. Do not push to hard, if you have to push hard something is not aligned correctly or you have the memory reversed.

Be careful and you can do it!

Here is a picture showing some types of common RAM memory available. Http://

Sandra asks…

How do I configure Windows 8 so that I can use my 2nd touch screen monitor while having WOW running in full sc?

I have a PC running Windows 8 with two touch screen monitors. I was hoping that I would be able to control web pages on the 2nd monitor while I am playing wow on the primary, however, touching the secondary display results in the primary screen being minimized.
Any input is appreciated.

dknol answers:

Hello, Microsoft answer desk is free and a great source of accurate information. And has helped a lot of computer users…
Http:// Speak to Microsoft Certified Technicians Call 1-866-610-3132 Toll Free Here is the
old stand by This site is very good,
Get Microsoft Support1-877-223-8238 Support by Certified Technicians
Good Luck…

CompTIA A+ Certified Computer Professional

Donna asks…

how can i take advantage of all my mac pros power?

here i have this extremely capable computer yet all i do is run applications that i could be running on a macbook or a macbook pro….. how can i take advatage of all the power using mac os x?

dknol answers:

Play hardcore games such as WoW.
Do extreme multitasking, lots of windows playing videos.
You could also run stress tests.

Lisa asks…

Would downloading the World of Warcraft starter edition be worth it?

I want to download it but 1. I am afraid my computer will get a virus or become slower 2. Would downloading just the starter edition be worth playing? (I don't have any money to pay for it) Also, does anyone know about how long the download would take, and what are your opinions on it? thanks!

dknol answers:

If you make sure you download WoW from blizzards official website then you do not have to worry about any virus. But if you feel insecure about that you can download it and use any anti-virus (which I probably think you have.) to scan the downloaded file before opening it.
WoW will not slow down your computer when you are not running it. But if your computer can't handle this kind of games very well you can experience lag and that the game and videos etc will go slower WHILE you are running the game, but not when you have exit the game.

Since the starter edition lasts forever ( even though there is very many things you can't do in WoW with just a starter account) I still think it's worth trying. I loved playing just as a starter account, back then it was only for 10 days too, so that it's lasts forever now is great! But when you have finally learned much about WoW and made a couple of character it can get boring, and you might want more. But it's good for testing to see if you like the game or just trying it out when you are bored.

The download shouldn't take that long. Just to download the file goes really fast (depending on your internet connection too.) But if you never downloaded any game before you might be surprised by it's size.The thing that takes most time is probably the installing.The starter edition is not that big compared to “the real thing” so to say.

But if you are bored, just want to run around, making characters on WoW, looking on the game environment and level up, go ahead and download it, it's free and as long you make sure it's from Blizzards site you shouldn't had to worry about any virus.
I think the starter edition is just great for when you are bored, and you can still explore alot of places.
One thing that I don't like with the starter edition that you can't whisper chat unless someone whisper chats you first, then you can whisper chat to that person, but no one else, not until they whisper you, which is quite annoying if you make a friend and you two can't stand next to eachother all the time. But other then that I think it's pretty much for just a trial/starter. Good luck if you feel like trying it out! :)

Linda asks…

My keyboard stops working when I play WoW?

It started out with just one key not working, the left arrow key and my character would start turning. I stopped using my left arrow key, but then I started having problems with other keys. Now whenever the game is on my character will just start running and turning and neither of my keys work for a while, then it works, then it stops. I play on a Sony Vaio laptop, 1g nvidia video card, i7 1.7 gb processor and 4g of ram. What can I do to make it work again?

dknol answers:

How to fix a keyboard, here are some sites that will help.
Hey, I enjoyed your question, I have worked as a technician most of my life, I hope I have helped you…
Good luck…

CompTIA A+ Certified Computer Professional

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