Your Questions About Can My Computer Run Wow On Ultra

Charles asks…

What do i need to do to run wow on ultra without spending alot of money?

my computer is a HP pavilion P6000 series.

specs are:
AMD Phenom II 840t quad-core processor
1 Terabyte
ATI Radeon HD 4200 (integrated graphics)

I run wow at 20 FPS with video settings on good. I would like to run it with higher FPS without dumbing down the graphics.

dknol answers:

You computer sounds great to me.

Daniel asks…

What would a gaming computer like this one cost?

I would like to ask. What a computer would cost, if I wanted it to run wow, “With everything on ultra” With at least 80 fps.
What would it cost? I would be nice to be able to film with bandicap, with still at least 50 fps.
I would build it myself, just wanted to hear about the price range, please dont answer, if you really dont know.

dknol answers:

That system would cost you about 800-1000 USD.Here is the build from tom'shardware:
For $1000:,3276.html or this,3210.html

If you go for the second 1000$ build, since Radeon 7970 ‘s price drop to $430 now so I suggest to get 8GB RAM + Asrock Extreme4 instead.

Sharon asks…

Can you guys find me a good computer that will run WoW on ultra?

I've looked EVVVEERRYYWWHHEERREE!!!!!! For a god damn good PC that is about $600-$700, that can at LEAST run WoW on high but I want Ultra, Can you guys PLEASE find me one ON AMAZON, I need one on Amazon plz, Thanks all. :3

dknol answers:

Acer AS7741G-6426 is a Great laptop. Will run just about anything hands down. Huge screen great picture awesome graphics. Best laptop i have seen in a while. Good for students,gamers,business people cant go wrong with this one. I work on computers and i know what it takes hardware wise and this one does the job.

Paul asks…

Is the Alienware X51 capable of running WoW on ultra?

I'm mainly concerned about running WoW only on ultra with 40-60+ FPS during intense raids. Please don't tell me to buy my parts, I can‘t, so I'm buying a computer pre-built.

dknol answers:

Sure, this Alienware desktop should run World of Warcraft smoothly at high-ultra detail setting
Normal Stormwind FPS @ 70-75
Normal 25-Man Raid FPS @ 33-62

Laura asks…

What is a good graphics card for WoW?

I play WoW a decent amount, and I decided to build a computer for it. I am going to use an intel ip7 processor. Currently, I am looking for a good graphics card to run WoW in ultra graphics and AT LEAST 50 fps. I have a limit with my budget, so nothing too expensive please!!!

dknol answers:

Radeon 6850 or 6870
6870 gives you a little more bang for your buck since its not that much more expensive than the 6850 now a days

I would suggest this card

Good luck on your build!

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