Your Questions About Can My Computer Run Wow On Ultra

Sharon asks…

Does walmart or best buy have a computer that can run world of warcraft on high mode or ultra?

i play wow, and i want to know if best buy or walmart has a laptop that can run wow on high mode or ultra mode.

dknol answers:

You would actually save money building your own and you would know EXACTLY what was in it and only what you need. Branded PC's suck for upgrade ability. I would say Best Buy would be your best bet for a higher end gamer if you need to buy. If you wanted to order it you could go with something like:

Nancy asks…

What components do I need for a computer for WoW?

I want a computer for world of warcraft but i dont know what i need. I want to be running at 60 fps on ultra settings and my budget is $700-$850 excluding monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

dknol answers:

Looking to build your own? I find this site has very up to date component lists and gaming rig recommendations at a variety of price points, including yours. Http:// Note: that site does not include Windows, which adds another $100 to the bill for OEM versions.

Donna asks…

What does the “Ultra” graphics setting in WoW mean for a computer?

When someone says that a laptop runs WoW seamlessly on the ‘Ultra” graphics setting, what should a gamer who doesn't play WoW think? I'm talking about the HP Pavilion dv6z quad series. COuld that computer run Assassin's Creed at the highest settings?

dknol answers:

It means the computer has good graphics capability and can run most higher end graphics dedicated games.

Steven asks…

What is the best graphics card my computer can handle?

I have a HP XW6200 with 6GB RAM and a 500W PSU, I need a decent (I think low profile) graphics card capable of running games such as World of Warcraft on full spec, but I'd like to avoid upgrading my power supply.

Any ideas?

dknol answers:

Here are the specs for your computer:

It appears to be a full-sized tower, so a standard height card would be fine… It doesn't look you'd be limited to low-profile cards.

However, I don't know if HP's stock power supply provides a dedicated 6-pin connector for PCI-Express graphics cards. The specs don't say, but I'm guessing it probably doesn't.

If the PSU doesn't provide a dedicated 6-pin connector then you can't install cards like the GeForce GTX 650 Ti and Radeon HD 7770. You'd be limited to the Radeon HD 7750 or GeForce GTX 650, which don't require any external power connector. Those cards only draw power from the PCI-E x16 slot, and pull less than 65 watts maximum.


Between them the GTX 650 is slightly better, but either can play WoW on ultra settings (although fps are better on high settings)

Here's a low-profile ready version of the HD 7750 which will work whether your computer takes full-height or low-profile cards. Just attach the appropriate bracket.


Richard asks…

What is a good desktop for gaming on world of warcraft?

I dont want to make my own. And i dont want a computer that will run ultra settings at 120 fps. i just want a desktop that can run fair or good settings at 60fps. It doesnt even need to specifically be gaming just needs to run wow decently.

dknol answers:

I think that many computers will be able to run World of Warcraft easily. I think that if your budget allows, than you might want to consider getting a computer with an Intel i7 quad-core processor, and also get a dedicated graphics card with at least one gigabyte of dedication. If that breaks the bank, because i would estimate that kind of computer to be around $800, I would get a computer with an Intel i5 dual-core processor, with the dedicated graphics card. In terms of brand, I have an HP, but I know I saw at that there was a Dell with an i5 for around $550 with 750GB hard drive and 8GB of Ram. Which is a very good deal in my opinion, except that you would need to see if you can add on a better graphics card to it.

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