Your Questions About Can My Computer Run Wow Cataclysm

Laura asks…

Will WoW expansion packs make the game run slower?

I already have two, but im scared if i get cataclysm and mists, it will make my computer run slower? I have a 21.5 inch iMac if that helps, which isnt great for it as it is, cheers!

dknol answers:

No, the only thing it will slow down is losing your virginity

Richard asks…

Good and cheap computer to run WoW cataclysm with no lagg!?

I want to but a computer for WoW Cataclysm cuz mines is pretty laggy now..
I want to buy a complete computer because im not too good at buying parts.. Im looking for a not too expensive computer please help thanks :)

dknol answers:

You should check then the link below – Centaurus offers WOW optimized gaming computers – complete packages with Windows 7, they come overclocked – free performance boost, so you'll get more than it seems. Prices are low too. Try to spend at least $800 to play Cata on higher settings and resolutions, those DX11 extras may be taxing on the system. AMD would be a good choice (Any Athlon II or Phenom II) with at least ATI 5670 or Nvidia GT 240 and up, GTS 450 would be great. You can email them and ask for promos too, may be will get a free upgrade.
Good luck

Sandra asks…

Is this video card good enough to run pretty good settings on WoW cataclysm?

EVGA GeForce GTS450 SuperClocked 1 GB GDDR5 PCI-Express 2.0 Graphics Card 01G-P3-1452-TR

Everything else is pretty good. 4 gigs of ram, great processor. Just my friend has been holding my computer for a while and someone stole my video card.
I wanna be able to play good-ultra settings while maintaining around 40 fps

Can this do it?

dknol answers:

Should do 60fps+ at maxed settings, ultra might be pushing by just a LITTLE bit but at good it'll be great. WoW isn't too taxing to the computer, although there are minimum reqs.

Ken asks…

What happens if I log onto my wow account on a computer with more expansions?

Well, me and my brother have different accounts and he has cataclysm and I don't. I prefer his computer, though, because it runs better. Will anything happen if I log onto his WoW if he has cata and I don't?

dknol answers:

No, I've logged into my friends account (he only has regular WoW) on my PC, which has all 3 expansions. It just blocks your character from going to the new places.

Robert asks…

Would this computer setup be capable of running WoW Cataclysm pretty smoothly at high settings now a days?

500 GB SATA Hard Drive
AMD ATI 4670 Graphics cards with drivers
Pentium 4 at 3.44 GHz
3 GB of RAM

If not, smoothly on medium settings? What upgrades would help most if you think I should upgrade?

dknol answers:

Yea i think it would run on high smoothly bc it is not have great graphics so if not it will run it on medium smoothly for sure no problem if you want better performance upgreade your CPU and A better graphics Card

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