Your Questions About Can My Computer Play Wow

Betty asks…

What is a good computer to play WoW without any lag?

The computer i currently have lags ALOT. And im thinking about getting a new computer so what is a good computer to play WoW on. I don't care about price so long as its not 3000$ But yeah a really good computer under 2350$

dknol answers:

I would suggest one that you build yourself, but if you want a prebuilt (HP, Dell, Compaq, etc.), I'd suggest this one:

Select Recommended Configuration, and scroll through. Once you get to Sound Card, select X-Fi Xtreme Titanium. Select the 22″ monitor. That computer will be able to play pretty much any game at high settings.

However, if you want to build your own (saving money in the process), let me know.

Ruth asks…

What is the best computer I can buy for playing WoW or Tera?

Ok I've been looking for a computer that will play WoW and Tera on high or ultra settings smoothly. WoW wouldn't take that much to run on high settings but Tera makes my computer lag hard core when pvping or just questing sometimes. It doesn't have to be an awesome computer. Just something affordable. (I also play league of legends but I'm it won't take much to play that game :P)

dknol answers:

Dell alienware is the best that I know of.

Laura asks…

How much RAM should I have on my computer to play WoW?

Right now I have 512 MB of RAM (old computer), and I would like to play WoW. Do you think I need more RAM or is it fine? I really think I need more. Also does Steam and Counter Strike take up RAM or Hard Drive Space?

dknol answers:

512 MB of RAM is ok.

My old computer had 512 MB of RAM so I upgraded to 2 GB's of RAM and now it runs smoother and faster.
Steam and Counter Strike both take Hard Drive Space, but RAM is just used to store temporary data so it will load faster.

Richard asks…

Computer good for playing WoW with lowest settings?

I want to start playing WoW again and i wanted to see what kind of computer could play WoW with the lowest settings and how much it would costs??

dknol answers:

In terms of buying current technology, any pc with a Core i3 processor, an H55 motherboard and ATI Radeon 5670 1GB or Nvidia GTX 450 1GB graphics card or better should be up to the task.

Or if you're looking at older tech then a decent dual core processor from the last three or four years coupled with a decent graphics card, for example an ati 4650 or nvidia 8800gt, and at least 2gb of ram should be enough to game smoothly.

Here's the recommended system requirement from blizzard (if you haven't already seen them already):

– Dual-core processor, such as the Intel Pentium D or AMD Athlon 64 X2
– 2 GB RAM
– 256 MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600 or ATI Radeon™ HD 2600 or better
– Multi-button mouse with scroll-wheel

As far as price goes, current tech pcs can be had for around £500-550 for great examples. And for older tech, eBay (or other marketplace) is your friend being able to get a good system for probably £200-250.

Hope this helps and good luck …

Carol asks…

How much would a computer cost that i want to use ONLY for world of warcraft?

I would like to buy a bare bones computer for playing WoW and i dont have a huge amount of money, how much would i HAVE to pay to play it on minimum settings?

dknol answers:

Not to be a buzz kill or anything, but you cannot PLAY wow on a minimum system. You will be able to log on, but you will not be able to do quests, interact with NPC's, do dungeons or raids, etc… You will need a relatively nice video card, such as a NVIDIA geforce 6000+, and at least 2 GB or ram. Typically you won't be able to find a laptop other than a Macbook or macbook pro that has the exact specs to run wow for a a couple of years +. You will prolly be able to go to a place like wal mart or Sams club and find a good HP desktop for around 500 at the cheapest that will be able to run it well.

Bottom line is that you can pay for a cheap one, but you'll be so fed up with it that you'll go out and buy another one… So just save the extra cash and frustration and get yourself a decent one to start out.

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