Your Questions About Can My Computer Play Wow

David asks…

How good of a computer is needed too play WoW on?

Im trying too find a good, cheep laptop too play WoW on with my friend and all i find is 1000+$ ones.Are they really necisary? Or will a computer like a Dell Inspiron 15 work?

dknol answers:

It all depends on your processor. If you have a great processor, you'll be able to play games on it, assuming that you only use this laptop for gaming. Be sure not to use up a lot of memory on your laptop and be careful when downloading stuff, or your laptop will lag. Google your laptop and it'll tell you what processor you have and it's capabilities. I have a CORE i3, which is pretty good, capable of playing games like Sims 3. However, I would say an i5 or i7 is much better. Though, if you want a laptop that runs really fast for gaming, you'll have to be willing to spend money because those don't come cheap unfortunately. Maybe you should just get a desktop PC instead of a laptop, much more capable of playing games. Hope this was helpful! :)

Ruth asks…

What computer games require high end computers?

Basically, what computer games out there basically Require like a super decked out computer to be played? Curious because im getting an alienware computer and don't want to spend the awesome power for gaming on the computer only playing WoW. So what list of games out there is High-end cpu's basically meant for? Thnx in advance.

dknol answers:

No games are only meant for high end PC's and can be played on an average computor but the game is laggy on them. Games like:

World of Warcraft would not really require a powerful PC it could work fine on an average desktop.

Lisa asks…

I need cheap computer that plays World of Warcraft?

I need a cheap computer that can play WoW. Can anyone link me to cheap computers or tell me what computers to look at?

dknol answers:

All you need is a computer around 2ghz and 2gig ram. 200+hard drive…. Should be around $1000 less

Steven asks…

What can i do do prevent my frame rate from dropping to 3 fps while playing WoW?

Hello, I own a HP Pavilion a6720f and I play WoW on this computer. About a week ago my frames per second began to drop down to 3 or 4 fps. I do not know why they do that. Can anyone please help?

dknol answers:

It's possible that you have program you don't know about running inthe background. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to open up the Task Manager and close anything that doesn't have to be running. Other than that, you might need to reduce WoW's video settings.

Chris asks…

Will getting a graphics card for my laptop help?

I know i need to just buy a whole new computer to play WoW, but until i can afford it, would buying a graphics card for it help or be utterly pointless?

dknol answers:

You can not buy a graphics card for a laptop

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