Your Questions About Can My Computer Play World Of Warcraft

Chris asks…

How can i find out if my computer has the sytem requirements to play world of warcraft?

Im trying to find out if my computer can play world of warcraft how can i find out if my computer can play the game?

dknol answers:

Visit this webpage:

and select world of warcraft pc for your game. It will test your computer and tell you if it can run wow or not. Hope this helps!

Sharon asks…

Can this computer play world of warcraft?

Can this computer play world of warcraft? HP 15.6″ Pavilion G60-519WM Entertainment Laptop PC:Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M (shared) 1309MB of total available graphics memory Intel Celeron Processor 900,Provides 2.2GHz speed, 3 gigs ram.

dknol answers:

It looks like you should…the proccessor seems a bit old and may be a bit sluggish…but if u tone down the graphics i would think it would run fine

David asks…

Where can i play World of Warcraft in Cambridge or Boston?

I'd like to find a public place where I can pay a few dollars at lunch and sit down on a computer and play world of warcraft online. My work computer is blocked, and most public computers don't have the video capabilities. And I don't want to buy a laptop. $10 an hour would be ok.

dknol answers:

U could buy it at wal-mart or go to for a 10 dat free trail

George asks…

Best computer for playing World of Warcraft?

I have a 400 pound budget, maybe a little more. I want a computer to play World of Warcraft. I need some suggestions for some computers I can go out and buy within my budget. I dont mind you saying if i cant get a good one, I just want suggestions, or the best one I can afford. Thanks :-)

dknol answers:

You could play WoW on a computer that costs that much but it probably won't be that good of an experience (extreme freezing/lag) and it'll probably be extremely hard on the computer to run (It can turn your laptop into the best heater during the winter) . If you want a computer that'll run more smoothly and wont be too hard on the computer i suggest getting a computer for gaming around $1000+. You can ask someone who works at a computer store for a tips/info on a decent gaming computer. :)

Carol asks…

What are good components for building a computer to play World Of Warcraft?

My boyfriend and I play World Of Warcraft and his lap top is trashed. What are some good (cheap) computer components that would give him a good enough Desk top to play WoW with out any issues at all.

dknol answers:

Get a simple dual core cpu (around 2.0ghz, you dont need 3.0ghz quad or anything like that, DO NOT get intel, their processors cost a fortune, AMD offer you more bang for your buck)

2gb-4gb of ddr2 ram, each stick should be around £15-£20

a gddr2 or gddr3 pci-e card (as its cheaper than agp and better performance, i was also getting 30fps on a gddr card so gddr2 or higher will give you smoother performance)

a 300gb sata 3.0gb/s hard drive

and may i recomend this motherboard, it is only around £25-£30 and has some good spec, this is on newegg which is american so have a scout around some uk sites if your in britain

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