Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology Uses

William asks…

Why is the wireless technology used by cell phones and computers called Bluetooth?

dknol answers:

Bluetooth is name after a Viking king, Harald “Bluetooth” Blatand, who united Denmark and Norway. The Bluetooth developer wants this technology to bring the computer and telecommunication industry together.

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Carol asks…

Can I get rid of the reciever for a cordless mouse & keyboard and use bluetooth instead?

I have a Logitech Click! Cordless Mouse & Keyboard. It came with a receiver which I must plug into a bluetooth port so it can detect the mouse and keyboard. However, I recently gained bluetooth technology on my computer. Is there any way I can get rid of the receiver and use the same mouse and keyboard with bluetooth without having to buy a new one?

dknol answers:

If you have an internal bluetooth card then you should be able to do this. Consult your manual just in case or do a Google search about this. Need more information as to what your setup is (laptop?)

George asks…

I have a blackberry pearl and I dont know how to use the bluetooth technology?

Ok so I enable it and make it discoverable then I take my dad's samsung and then turn the bluetooth on then I make them both pair up but it wont. I dont understand how to use it. Why wont it connect?

Yeah I can actually get answers in polls and surveys
Ok I ‘searched for a new device' nd it wont work
Katelyn: I did that and my dad cant find the stupid thing and its made disoverable

dknol answers:

I'm looking forward to the answer! I have the same problem. They're not at all intuitive are they?! Starred to watch it

Robert asks…

can a computer and a pda both access the internet at the same time using bluetooth? or only one of them?

I just got a free pda w/bluetooth technology. My computer doesn't have bluetooth, but considering that we got a free pda instead of paying $300 for one, I'm thinking about installing the driver or whatever so that my computer has it.

My question is: the reason why I would bother to do this in the first place is so that the computer and the pda can SIMOTANTEOUSLY use the single internet connection. Does bluetooth enable this, or does it just let you use the internet somewhere else instead of at the pc, being pointless to me? I could care less where in my house I use the internet-my issue is being able to use it as I please instead of having to get all of my work done before my stepdad comes home (at which time, the computer is offlimits becuase he plays poker).


dknol answers:

Both can

Nancy asks…

Easy to use bluetooth earpiece for Palm Treo 755p?

I am new to the whole bluetooth technology. I recently purchased a Palm Treo 755p. What is a good bluetooth earpiece for this pda/phone? I want one that is easy to use as well as fits good. I don't want it to fall off or be more of a hassle than a convenience! Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

dknol answers:

Jabra is the best I have used. I went through 3 Motorola ones and none of them would work. I would lose the link and have to reestablish it. In any case none I have tried worked as good as the Motorola and Samsung worked together. It is like they were made for each other. It was in the middle of the pac as far as price goes. Good luck.

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