Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology Uses

Mark asks…

Has anyone used the BoseSounddock 10 with the blue tooth?

Did it work well together, I am thinking 15 feet distance with Bluetooth could be good. Have you noticed speaker placement something to keep in mind or it is a must to position the box in the room?
Though a separate matter, what is your thinking on the Bose Companion 20 speakers. They use the wave guide technology like the wave radio but this time the package is a seemingly full spectrum speaker from Bose.


dknol answers:

I can't confirm the distance at which the Bose sd10 will continue to work, because the system was $700 or so including tax… And the Bluetooth module was an extra hundred (so it was too expensive).

I'd imagine the Bose site would have an explanation on range… If not, then 15 feet is a reasonable guess.
As for whether it needs to be in a room: then yes, it'll perform best inside one. This is the same for any speaker system for that matter, unless it is an outdoor-concert speaker.

Companion 20 speaker: I had the pleasure of testing them, courtesy of the great return policy.
They are decent for small speakers. The highs are there with a sparkle, mids are recessed, and bass is definitely boosted to give the large speaker sound. I did enjoy them (less the harsh trebble) – can live with them: as they are relatively cheap compared to other Bose speakers.
But of course, I put them side by side with my Audioengine A2 and while the bass on both is comparable, the mids on the A2 has much more presence… As if the Bose has its mids muffled by a pillow.
The trebble on the Bose is also much sharper and boosted- again overboosted.

But is it enjoyable by itself? Sure : by itself.
FYI, the A2 speakers are $50 cheaper and of course it has better build materials and quality.
The Bose remains faithful to its plastic enclosure with metal grill, 1 paper speaker in a plastic transmission line.
Audioengine uses mdf, Kevlar woofers, silk dome tweeter.


Carol asks…

When Jesus comes back and sets up his kingdom, will he use modern technology and wear modern clothing?

I find it a little intriguing that Jesus would talk on a phone if he had an urgent message from other christian leaders. Also, when Jesus is the King of the earth, would he have bodyguards?

dknol answers:

He wont need bodyguards since he's getting rid of evil. I never thought of Jesus walking around with a Bluetooth in his ear. Well, it's a heavenly kingdom on Earth, so I doubt it.

Mary asks…

What are the uses of Bluetooth in Mobile Phones?

What is a Bluetooth device?

dknol answers:

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows computers, phones and other devices to talk to each other over short distances (up to 100 metres). Bluetooth uses radio waves (in the 2.4 Gigahertz range), and is designed to be a secure and inexpensive way of connecting and exchanging information between devices without wires.

You'll find Bluetooth in many of the newer mobile phones, handheld computers, laptops, printers, handheld organisers, as well as in all sorts of products.

Uses of Bluetooth include: sending photos from your mobile, exchanging business cards, sending voice from a headset to a mobile phone, and real-time satellite navigation using GPS

Robert asks…

For quality and least costly repairs down the road, what should I buy, an Audi A6 or Infiniti M45?

These are the two cars on my short list.

I will probably 2010 model certified used. Which one would you go with?

dknol answers:

The Infiniti M45 without a doubt, the M45 in general was always rated higher then the A6. The Audi A6 is such a machine, and despite the company’s best efforts, it still fell short of the bar set by its German rivals, the Audi A6 was never really praised for being an appropriate competitor up against its rivals like the Mercedes Benz E-class, BMW 5 series, Infiniti M class & Lexus GS. It was neither sporty nor luxurious enough, and quickly fell off the radar. It was only till the new A6 was introduced in 2012 that the A6 was finally a viable rival to its German & Japanese competitors. Over all the M45 is not only more reliable then the A6 but also more powerful and significantly more intuituve then the previous A6. The 2010 Infiniti M45 features a powerful 4.5-liter V8 that generates 325 horsepower while the Audi A6 composes a 3.2-liter FSI V6 emmiting 270 horsepower. Over all both cars are great in thier own way howeve the M45 has its gain over the A6 by a long run. Standards on the M45 is the rear view camera, handsfree bluetooth & command system, 325 HP, Bi xenon headlights, heated seats etc, most features which are not even avialable in a standard A6. If you want a reliable mid sized luxury sedan then I would suggest the Infiniti M45, Infiniti is general is a very innovative Luxury manufacturer. They are responsible for many worlds first technologies in the auto industry.

William asks…

What are the Types of Wireless Networking?

Aside from Bluetooth, IrDa, HomeRF(SWAP), and WiFi. What are the other types of wireless networking?

dknol answers:

Papeche, 802.11a,b,g, is also mean Wifi

Another type of wireless networking is WiMax.

Wimax is a type of wireless connectivity for the last mile access, Wimax is use by some new generation ISP or some isp had migrated to WimAx technology.

With Wimax technology, you can connect up to 25miles away buildings in a secure manner.

You will get more information at the official website of wimax “”


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