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Jenny asks…

are there gaming headsets that work for both ps3 and xbox 360?

I am looking into getting my husband a gaming headset for V Day/ his B-day. The problem is I have no clue about this stuff and he has a PS3 and an XBOX 360 so I would like to get a headset that can be used on both systems, if they even exist. I would say that I am looking for the type that can be used for chat as well as with surround sound for the game. Thanks for your help!

dknol answers:

Not possible I'm afraid, they both use different wireless technology, PS3 uses bluetooth Xbox uses wireless radio and wired…

Paul asks…

What usually comes with a Wii system?

I'm buying a used system and i want to know what came with a system.

dknol answers:

Product Features
Includes Wii Sports, an exciting sports game that will get you off the couch and onto the tennis court, baseball field, golf course, bowling alley or boxing ring right out of the box
Wireless, motion-sensitive Remote controller and motion-sensitive analog Nunchuk controller allow you to use real-life motions to simulate in-game character motions, such as throwing a pass or
swinging a sword, making you truly part of the game
Remote includes a speaker, a rumble feature and an expansion port for added gaming excitement
Easy yet exciting playability makes the Wii fun for players of any age or skill level
Connect up to four Wii controllers at once with Bluetooth wireless technology
Wii Channel Menu provides an easy-to-use interface where you can choose and play games, get news or weather, view and send photos, surf the Internet, post or send messages and shop for video games
Mii Channel allows you to create a caricature of yourself you can use across a variety of Wii software; Miis can be stored on the Wii hard drive or in your controller to take with you to play on your friends' Wii consoles
Sleek, compact design measures just 8.5″H x 6″W x 2″D and allows you to place the Wii vertically or horizontally to fit almost any TV setup
Play Wii games and enjoy full backward compatibility with your entire library of Nintendo GameCube titles, all on one machine
Connect to the Internet wirelessly, even when your system is turned off, to receive surprises and game updates with the WiiConnect24 service
With ownership of the Wii, you will have access to purchase and download 20 years of game titles from the Nintendo 64, the Super NES and the Nintendo Entertainment System, as well as selections from Sega Genesis and TurboGraf consoles
Save your games on 512MB of internal flash memory
Two USB 2.0 ports and a Wi-Fi connection provide a variety of connectivity options, such as wireless communication with the Nintendo DS
Secure Digital memory card bay allows you to retrieve digital photos from your camera's Secure Digital card and edit them in the Photo Channel
Completely compatible with all Nintendo GameCube games and includes four ports for classic Nintendo GameCube controllers and two slots for Nintendo GameCube memory cards

if u don't get that
it contains:

1 Wii remote
1 Wii nunchuck
1 Wii Sports
The cables to connect to the tv, the sensor bar and the outlet.
1 Wii holder

I recommend you to buy Wii Play. It has 1 Wii remote with it.

John asks…

Transferring cell phone number and data to new phone?

I'm on a prepaid plan with solo mobile and my phone doesn't have a sim card. I'm looking into purchasing a used blackberry and am unsure if it's at all possible to transfer my phone number and data to this new phone.
Will the new phone need a sim card to work?

dknol answers:

Well, if you current phone does not support SIM card, it means that it uses CDMA technology. So for you to get the data in your new phone you must go to your current wireless service provider and ask them to activate your new phone, of course you still get the same number. That solve the data transfer question, regarding the phone book, both phones must have Bluetooth so that you can transfer it from one phone to another.

Carol asks…

In a electronics saturated world, is Etiquette changing to accommodate this trend?

Is there a discernible movement to create standards of etiquette when it comes to the use of cell phones, bluetooth units, home computers, laptops and the like?

I have seen generalities addressed such as no cell phone ringing and loud phone conversations during public performances, and the laws of pulling off the road in some US States when calls are recieved or made.

But what about other reas such as the spectre of watching people in public places seemingly talking to theirselves as a result of a Bluetooth unit planted in their ear, and seemingly ignoring others in their presence?

How about those that stare not monitors and seemingly ignore or pay scant attention to others in their presence?

Are their guides and publications that address this new wave of never ending tech and it's impact and interaction in society?

dknol answers:

Yeah, human interaction isn't what it used to be…

Mingling was almost an art, and the conversation skills are much higher on average back in the times when there were no “Instant ” Technologies.

Not to say people don't know how to converse nowadays, but i'd personally say its definitely hindered some people in the way of human interaction.

Not to say all hardcore computer users are anti social, because there are some who can converse quite admirably.

But i have noticed that some hardcore computer users, really don't know what to do in a “crowd” situation. Theyre so use to talking behind a screen, where “emoticons” replace emotions that they become “lost” when conversing.

Then again, there are those who dont even have computers and still cannot converse well in crowd situations.

So is etiquette changing ? O yes. But on a whole scale of the big picture, nothing much has really changed etiquette wise so dramatically, everything changed around technology is still based on “courtesy”

Robert asks…

How do I hook up my Hi Fi to a bluetooth connection?

My hi-fi system consists of a turntable, cassette deck and CD player connected up to a vintage (made way back in 1976) Marantz amplifier. Trouble is, I need to get some new speakers now… I would love to get some wireless ones, but first would like to know if there is any way that I could modify my Marantz amp so that it can be used with bluetooth-capable speakers (i.e. are there any bluetooth transmitters on the market that I could hook up to my amp? If so, just how badly might audio quality be compromised, if at all?).

dknol answers:

Quality loss through wireless makes no sense
You will pretty much always get a drop in signal quality compared to even the cheapest cables as far as I am concerned – I don't think this is ‘just' my opinion, I am pretty sure that it would not be difficult to prove…
Added to which I would also argue – bang per buck for conventional speakers will far outweigh bang per buck for bluetooth.
Modern audio is geared towards portability NOT quality – hence high quality CD's don't sell as well as their low quality MP3 equivalents. Bluetooth (even the special audio bluetooth you can get) is more expensive and lower quality than basic cabling – that's progress….! Just because it uses the latest technology, doesn't mean that it is better than the old skool methods.
IMHO, to link the Marantz to bluetooth would probably get you the same results as getting one of those $5 amps off eBay from China to link up to bluetooth speakers…

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