Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology Uses

Chris asks…

How do you know what your security codes are for your new mobile phone?

I have just bought a Nokia 6300, and want to activate pin requests and use bluetooth, but it asks me to put in my pin codes (which I don't know because ive only just bought the phone, and I don't know how to change them if that's what you have to do) Do you have to ring your provider? Or put in a universal pin first or something? …Im not very good with technology so please help!!!

dknol answers:

Usually the beginning security codes are 1234 and then you reset your pin to whatever you want. You can either go back to the store that sold it you and have them show you or the book that explains how to use the phone has directions on how to set your pin (look there first, should be under security section.)

Helen asks…

Could be possible to turn your cellphone into a remote control?

It's okay that I've already seen a remote control to control a computer, but I wanted to know if there's any kind of mobile software available to turn the cellphone's bluetooth into a TV remote control.

dknol answers:

Remote controlled Woman

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Linda asks…

Is there a way to use a bluetooth headset on my pc without an adapter?

do i need to buy the adapter or is there a free software?

dknol answers:

You need a way to connect your headset with your computer.
If you have a wire – then the bluetooth technology is meaningless, and yes you should be able to just plug it in and use it.

If you don't have a wire, then you need a radio connection. Your headset uses a set of radio frequencies and commands that are grouped together and called “bluetooth”.
You need a way to receive those commands on the computer. Many machines have a BlueTooth receiver built in, or you might come across one that comes with a mouse/ keyboard.. Or one that was thrown out because the other device was broken.
Once you have that hardware receiver, you need the software to make it work.. But that is easy. If your operating system does not auto-magically detect and make it work.. Then figure out who built or marketed the receiver, and go to that company website for a (usually free) download.

David asks…

Why is my Motorola S9 headphones not working for music?

I have a sony ericsson W810i, and i have the motorola s9 wireless headphones. the headphones are working when it comes to calls, for example i can listen to calls using the headphones but, when it comes to listening to music, its not working. can someone help me out?

dknol answers:

Im sorry but the sony ericsson W810i does not support A2DP. This is needed for the transfer of music over bluetooth. Research for other phones that support this technology.

Donna asks…

Can I use Sony-ericsson bluetooth headphones with a Nokia phone?

I'm shopping for bluetooth headphones which can play music from my Nokia cellphone, do call management and don't make me look like a dork (by this I mean they look like regular in-ear headphones). Sony-ericsson has the best price-looks balance, but I'm worried about compatibility with my phone.

dknol answers:

As a technology Bluetooth is infamous for its compatibility issues. Your best choice is to trust manufacturer's recommendations and stick with the BT headsets they guarantee you that the phone will work with.

Otherwise make sure that the SE one is cheap enough not to be worried if you have to toss it away.

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