Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology Uses

Daniel asks…

Is there a larger version of the PS3 controller?

I am going to buy a PS3 soon. I currently have a Wii (which I rarely use) and a 360 (which I love!). When I play PS3 at my friends house the controller does not agree with me so much. I find it too small, so is there another larger version of it?

dknol answers:

There aren't really any third party controllers for the PlayStation 3 specifically due to it's use of Bluetooth technology. You can though buy a PlayStation 1 or 2 controller that fits you better and then use a PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 2/PlayStation 1 controller adapter to use that controller on the PlayStation 3. You can get such an adapter at RadioShack, or at your local GameStop. The controller would be up to you, so you could purchase it almost anywhere.

Thomas asks…

What is Bluetooth, and how can i use it?

I have Bluetooth on my phone, and want to upload some music files and pictures onto my phone from my computer.
> Do i ahve to pay for bluetooth ?
> How can i know if my computer has bluetooth?
> If I don't have Bluetooth, how can i get it?
> Are there any other ways to get these files onto my phone from my computer without it costing anything?

dknol answers:

Bluetooth is a wireless technology for exchanging data over short distances.

> Do i have to pay for bluetooth ?
No, you do not.
> How can i know if my computer has bluetooth?
If you computer has bluetooth software installed, or a bluetooth icon in the notification area (where the clock is) your probably have bluetooth
> If I don't have Bluetooth, how can i get it?
You can buy USB Bluetooth adapters or “dongles”. They are generally inexpensive.
> Are there any other ways to get these files onto my phone from my computer without it costing anything?
You can use a USB cable (if one was provided with your phone), a MicroSD card (if your phone supports it, and you have one), via Web (if you have a WebEnabled phone) you can try “Send2Phone” Software, in some cases (depends on phone and carrier) email.

Donna asks…

Which of these programs can I uninstall to speed up my computer?

I did a system restore on my computer because it wouldn't start and now that I did that, my internet and computer is 5x slower. From this list, what can i uninstall or what do they do? List any that you know. If one isn't essential but has a common use, just say what it does and why I may need it if you can. Thanks.

Evernote v. 4.5.2
HP 3D DriveGuard
HP Documentation
HP On Screen Display
HP Power Manager
HP Quick Launch
HP Setup
HP Software Framework
HP Support Assistant
Intel PROset/Wireless for Bluetooth
Intel PROset/Wireless Software for Bluetooth
Intel Smart Control Technology 2.0
Intel WiDi
Intel Wireless Music device driver
Intel Control Center
Intel HD Graphics Driver
Intel Management Engine Components
Intel PROSet/Wireless WiFi Software
Intel Rapid Storage Technology
Intel Trusted Connect Service Client
Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver
Microsoft Silverlight
PlayReady PC Runtime
Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver
Realtek PCIE Card Reader
Synaptics Pointing Device Driver
Validity WBF DDK
Windows Live Essentials 2011
Windows Live Mesh ActiveX Control for Remote Connections

dknol answers:

Http:// uninstallin wont speed you up

Robert asks…

What is an HFP Audio Gateway and how do you use it?

I connected my cell phone to my laptop via Bluetooth and it gave me an option of using the computer/phone as an HFP Audio Gateway. What does that mean and how can I use it?

dknol answers:

HFP is Hands-Free Profile. You use it if you have a bluetooth headset or a car kit. More on HFP here;

Paul asks…

Is it free to use bluetooth to send/recieve media?

Ok well is it free to use bluetooth to send/recieve music?
I ask because my friend told me that bluetooth for AT&T now cost money, so if anyone could answer this it would be much appreciated.

dknol answers:

AT&T and other cell companies have nothing to do with bluetooth transfers. Bluetooth is a very short range wireless technology that allows data transfers between bluetooth devices. The transfer is direct and needs nothing in between to direct the transfer – it is absolutely free.

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