Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology Uses

Jenny asks…

How does infrared work on mobile phones?

How do you send files from one mobile phone to another using infrared? Does it work like bluetooth?

dknol answers:

Infrared technology is not as advanced as Bluetooth technology. The two mobile phones have to be close to each other, and the infrared sensors on each have to be pointed at each other in order for it to work.

David asks…

My Beats mini bluetooth speaker has no sound?

I was able to use for a minute and hen suddenly no sound is coming out. It is succesfully paired on my ipod.

dknol answers:

The good: The Beats by Dr. Dre Pill is a portable Bluetooth speaker with striking design, good sound and volume for its size, decent battery life, and speakerphone capabilities. It has tap-to-pair capabilities for NFC-enabled smartphones phones, Apt-X technology, and line inputs and outputs. It also comes with a nice carrying case.
The bad: The Pill is somewhat pricey, and Apple iOS 6 users may encounter an unacceptable amount of Bluetooth hiccuping. The speaker doesn't acquit itself terribly well with big bass tracks from artists like Dr. Dre.
The bottom line: The Beats Pill outperforms the Jawbone Jambox and has a couple of intriguing extra features, but Apple iOS 6 users may encounter some problems.

In recent months I've reviewed several compact, portable Bluetooth speakers and the list of Jawbone Jambox competitors just keeps growing. One of the higher-profile entries in the field is the $199 Beats by Dr. Dre Pill, which, needless to say, looks like a pill — the capsule kind, anyway.
While it wasn't without a few glitches, its striking design, strong sound for its size, and some extra features, such as tap-to-pair NFC (for smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 that support near-field communication), an audio output, and Apt-X technology, help set it apart.

Susan asks…

What should I be looking for in a gaming computer?

I am trying to find a relatively inexpensive laptop that I can use for playing computer games, mostly World of Warcraft, and I am wondering what I should be looking for in a computer like how much RAM, what kind of video card, what kind of processor, how much total hard drive space, etc. that will make me not lag a lot. I know that laptops aren't as good as desktops but I specifically want a laptop so I can take it places.

dknol answers:

You need at least 512 MB Video RAM and 512 MB Graphics Memory if possible (although some GPUs do not have them, they are memory intensive, thus you'd need more RAM than Graphics Memory, but its best to have 512 MB of the RAM you already have and lock the CPU out of it to reserve it for the GPU or they'll be fighting over it, possibly causing a crash). The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) plays a big role and today its the clash of the two GPU titans Nvidia and ATI at the moment, so its best to choose from their biggest models and is best to get at least 512 memory off the GPU and CPU together at least, but you'll need a good CPU as well, you can try intel and/or AMD cores as they are quite cool. I'd recommend a quad-core and for gaming a 64-bit motherboard processing path and CPU. I recommend a DirectX 10 enabled GPU as well. It's best to have at least 2GB to 4GB RAM on modern day PCs and a 2 GHZ to 4 GHZ processor, ideally the ultimate PC would have 12GB RAM and a 40 GHZ processor, though that may blow the fans and melt through the heat sink's alloy itself, so we'll wait until the better processors, too big for a laptop though.
I'd recommend a dual 320 GB drive but ideally a 240 GB drive, like I have on one of mine (although its processor is not ideal).
Quad cores work well with 64-bit processors, thanks to server core technology by Microsoft's Windows Server technology as well as IBM systems. Perfectly also, you would need a WiFi and possibly bluetooth link and for enhanced game community interaction a built in webcam and microphone. That bunch would cost you about $1000 to $5000.
Just in case you don't understand a few terms I have entered, starting with clock speed:
HZ – or sometimes hz or even Hz stands for Hertz (pronounced heights or hurts) refers to the speed of how fast the clock speed of the processor works at a one period speed. 1 periods a second.
KHZ – or sometimes Khz stands for Kilo Hertz (pronounced killer heights) refers to the speed of how fast the clock speed of the processor works at a Kilo speed. 1,000 periods a second.
MHZ – or sometimes Mhz stands for Mega Hertz (pronounced meg-a heights) refers to the speed of how fast the clock speed of the processor works at a Mega speed. 1,000,000 periods a second.
GHZ – or sometimes Ghz stands for Giga Hertz (pronounced gig-a heights) refers to the speed of how fast the clock speed of the processor works at a Giga speed, which is 1000 MHZ. 1,000,000,000,000 periods a second.
THZ – or sometimes Thz stands for Tera Hertz (pronounced ter-a heights) refers to the speed of how fast the clock speed of the processor works at a Tera speed, which is 1000 GHZ, a future use of larger processors. 1,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000 periods a second.
There are higher rates but these are most common in computers.
RAM is used to store currently running (executed) address codes and even full programs and their holding process.
The CPU is directly connected to the RAM to hosts the execution threads.
The GPU is directly connected to the motherboard but indirectly to the CPU and RAM, but some motherboards let it access the RAM seperate to the CPU for hardware acceleration.
CPU stands for Central Processing Unit.
GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit.
RAM stands for Random Access Memory.
I hope you understand this, anymore questions you can e-mail me via my profile.
CybX Systems.

Robert asks…

Can tablets and phones make use of wireless technology to make use of additional wireless accessories?

Is it possible to connect a wireless device (NOT Bluetooth) to a mobile platform (Android, iOS and Windows 8) and stream the information transmitted by the accessory to the device?

I want to invent a product that will be able to connect to all three of those, as well as PC and Mac, and use it to view what I have done on the accessory on the screen.
I apologise for not giving detail on the product, it is still in the concept phase.


dknol answers:

Tablets and phones can surely be used like remote controllers. Enjoy! :-)

George asks…

What is the best way to type a long document on a phone?

Do any of you guys use like a diary or a journal or anything where you have to do a lot of typing on your smart phone? What do you guys recommend short of hooking it up to a keyboard which I'm not even sure if you can do can you? I know there are two apps out there that are pretty good, one is SWIFT keyboard and the other is SWIPE I think or something like that. Is this what you guys use? I am using a diary app on my smart phone and it just takes a lot of work to type even a page using the onscreen keyboard. Takes four time as long as it would using a standard keyboard obviously.

dknol answers:

You can probably get a Bluetooth wireless keyboard for your phone. Swift is available and Swipe is still in beta testing . Here is an image page of various wireless keyboards for your phone Granted, it will require a protective cover and is an extra piece of technology to carry around, but if your documents are really long, it would save you time and thumb cramps. Http:// Click on each item and open in a new tab.

Here is one that might work, scroll down to the Bluetooth Folding Keyboard

Hope these sites give you some ideas. Good luck.

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