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Michael asks…

What are 20 historically significant things that developed in the area of computers and technology?

What are 20 historically significant things that developed in the area of computers and technology from the mid-40's until the present day?

dknol answers:

In no particular order:

1. Transistors
2. The keyboard & monitor (computers used to only have switches and lights)
3. The mouse
4. The Graphical User Interface (GUI)
5. The Internet
6. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
7. USB
8. VGA
9. DVI
10. Linux
11. Flash memory (as in what flash drives use… Not Adobe Flash)
12. What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) word processors
13. The modem
14. Voice over IP (VOIP)
15. The Router
16. The Switch
17. Wireless
18. Bluetooth
19. Virtualization
20. The GNU Public License (GPL)

Nancy asks…

How to Comfortably Use a Mouse and Keyboard for Computer in Living Room?

Time for me to hookup my computer to my HDTV in the living room. What's the best setup?

What wireless mouse and keyboard? Are there longrange ones that are more expensive and better than others?

What can I use to comfortably use the mouse and keyboard on my couch? Should I find some kind of roller table? Does any company address this challenge and meet our needs?


dknol answers:

I'm a Trackball aficionado myself. I have a crouch mounted conbination joystick (GAWD is it ever) trackball with a friction type cursor movement on the upright shaft. I bought it from Larry Flynt's HUSTLER Magazine from their Sex Toys collection.

It works pretty good but you can't use it for too long a period of time. (something in the circuitry goes off and you have to wait for it to cool down before you restart it) The manufacturer says they have a software patch to fix this problem but I'll just chug along with the defect…for now.

Anyway, my favorite TV programs are the Playboy Channel and ANY porn site on the Web.

Also, there i talk of a new model out with Bluetooth technology but the truth be known, I don't think ANYTHING with the word “tooth” in it is very appealing to me at this time.

Charles asks…

Can I use the bluetooth on my phone with the bluetooth on someones phone from a different company?

I heard that it costs money and that it can mess up my bluetooth. Is that true? I got my new phone yesterday.

dknol answers:

Of course you can. Bluetooth technology doesn't depend on the cell provider you have, since you can also connect to other things such as headsets or even some computers (i know for sure Apple computers can interact w/ cells using bluetooth). I can't see why it would cost you money since it isn't using the network to connect (it works even if you have no service). My last two cells had bluetooth and were from different providers, I was able to transfer everything i needed from one to the other without any issues what so ever.

Donna asks…

Is there any way to connect to the internet from my laptop using handphone?

Like using your cellphone as a modem. If i can connect to internet using a cellphone anywhere, then how about laptop. Is it possible?

dknol answers:

Ask your ISP for a USB mobile wireless hub.


You can see the speeds are slow. I'm in Singapore.

The technology is coming up!! SIM cards can be placed in New age Laptops. But until that comes out i guess you have to bluetooth your phone to your laptop and get einternet access via your phone.

Chris asks…

Are all Bluetooth users poor and just trying to act professional and successful?

None of the well to do, wealthy professionals I'm around ever go out in public with bluetooth unless it's privately in their car. I see a lot of fakes out there wearing bluetooth in bars, malls, and walking the streets with their cheap clothes acting like “businessmen”. It's just embarrassing.

dknol answers:

Well I think you come off a bit snobby yourself. I personally hate bluetooth headsets/earpieces ANYWHERE. I think if you need to talk that badly on the phone, you can take a minute of your time, sit down (or pull over) and speak with whomever you're contacting like a normal human being.

Calling people who walk around talking with an earpiece “a lot of fakes” is a bit pompous, in my opinion. Businessmen aren't the only people who have things to take care of, and if the person feels the need to wear it to talk, so be it. The technology is no longer exclusive and is relatively affordable, so of course more people are going to be using it. I'm not impressed by anyone (suit or not) wearing those things… I don't want to hear their business and it's just another way to disconnect from society.

Why are you so worried about it? Some of the wealthiest (and smartest) people don't waste their hard earned money on designer clothes… If they're smart, they put it in the bank. What you wear is no measure of your success.

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