Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology Uses

Lizzie asks…

How do I use bluetooth to get a video on my laptop from my cellphone?

I have a video on my cellphone and want to get it on my laptop do I need anything or do I have to press something , my laptop has bluetooth on it!!!

dknol answers:

What Kind of Phone? Make , Model, carrier. Is the phone unlocked?
Does it have a microSD mem slot?

Let’s explore how to use Bluetooth technology to transfer wallpapers and videos from laptop to cell phone in this article. Here is the simple requirement: you need a cell phone and laptop that can support Bluetooth.

If your laptop does not support Bluetooth, then simply get a USB Bluetooth dongle and plug it to laptop’s USB port (of course you can also use desktop computer), then Microsoft Windows will search for the driver and install it automatically if it’s supported. If not, you have to do manual installation by using the manufacturer’s CD.

Once you have Bluetooth driver installed, you can locate the Bluetooth Devices in Control Panel. Here is what you see in Windows Vista’s Control Panel in classic view.

Bluetooth devices in control panel

If you check the Device Manager, you can locate the installed Bluetooth driver as well.

Bluetooth driver in device manager

As an example, here is the procedure to add the Nokia E50 cell phone to this laptop and communicate with each other. You can also follow this procedure to connect your laptop to other Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetooth mouse or other Bluetooth devices.

1) First, remember to turn on the Bluetooth feature and make it discoverable by other devices (My Phone’s visibility -> Shown to all) on cell phone, so that it can be detected by laptop.

2) Then, double click the Bluetooth Devices in Control Panel, then Click Add… in Bluetooth Devices window.

Add bluetooth devices

3) Add Bluetooth Device Wizard window will appear, tick My devices is set up and ready to be found and click Next.

Add bluetooth device wizard

4) The wizard will then search the Bluetooth devices nearby, and will show the found devices. Here the wizard found my cell phone named David. Click the device you want to add, after that click Next.

Select the bluetooth device that you want to add

5) Ok. Here the wizard will ask whether you need a passkey to add your device, so that the communication data between laptop and cell phone will be encrypted later, here I would recommend you to either select Choose a passkey for me or Let me choose my own key. In this example, I select choose a passkey for me.

Passkey for bluetooth devices

6) The wizard will then show the passkey and you need to key in to your cell phone. After that, the laptop will try to install the Bluetooth device. If you have Bluetooth program for your cell phone, you can install it as Windows Vista might have problem to install the device . For my case, I install Nokia PC Suite on the laptop, so I can transfer wallpapers and videos later.

Note: Also your cell phone will get the prompt to accept connection from laptop, and you need to click yes.

Windows is exchanging passkeys

7) At last, click Finish to complete the Add Bluetooth Device Wizard.

Completing the add bluetooth device wizard

8) And now you will see the new Bluetooth device added in Bluetooth Devices window. You can click the Bluetooth device, and then click Properties.

Bluetooth device properties

9) The device property will appear, and you can locate the supported services by this connected Bluetooth device under Services tab. As an example, the connected Nokia E60 supports following seven services.

Services for bluetooth device

10) Finally I launch the Nokia PC Suite and transfer wallpapers and videos to cell phone by using Bluetooth technology.

EMail, make model carrier info

Lisa asks…

How does built-in bluetooth work in a car?

I just got a new Mazda-6 and included in my package was a built-in bluetooth link. I have a Verizon Chocolate 2 which I'm pretty sure has bluetooth capabilities. But how does the whole thing work? Do I need a subscription or anything to take advantage of the bluetooth? I'm pretty much clueless.

dknol answers:

You don't need a subscription for bluetooth. You need to sync your phone with your car using the bluetooth, and then when you get a phone call you can take it through your car speakers. Bluetooth is a technology for connecting devices. Its not a service offered by someone. So once you pay to have it, you don't have to keep paying to use it. (and you already paid to have it, because it is in your car. So don't get confused and think you need to pay something else because you don't)

William asks…

What are bluetooth headsets? Can they transfer digital photos from your cellular phone to your computer?

What are they for and can they be used to transfer digital photos from a cellular picture phone to a desktop computer?

dknol answers:

No, bluetooth is a wireless technology that make devices communicate with one another. To transfer photos from your cell to your computer you need a bluetooth adapter for it . Type
bluetooth computer adapter
into ebay and theres many on sale.
The headsets are the little thing people have on their ears all over thank lets you talk and hear your phone without having to hold it in you hands.

Donna asks…

Will a good quality bluetooth headset sound good even if my phone itself sucks?

I have a cheap cellphone but no reason to get a better one; I just hate the fact that the sound quality is very poor on calls. If I get a good quality bluetooth headset, will it sound good even though my phone does not?

dknol answers:

Generally speaking, if the phone is a cheap phone… It may not provide the best service. However, that doesnt mean your phone wont work well. Bluetooth is a technology that enables wireless communication between to objects over a certain range using a specific frequency. That being said, the quality then would depend on the 2 “antennas” talking to each other and not so much the actual phone. Your phone may be cheap, but it may have a good bluetooth chip in it. However, I doubt a cheap phone would have an expensive chip in it :)

Betty asks…

Will any one guide me to get free articles and paper from the web?

Please guide me to a right website to get free articles and paper on the following topics.
1) Nanotechnology
2) Bluetooth technology
4) Recent trends in electronics and communication
5) Fuzzy logic

dknol answers:

Use google search with the appropriate keywords. There are some free articles and white papers. For simple explanations you can also look up
Free paper from the web? I don't think so. But you can print the articles on paper if you like :)

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