Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology Uses

Steven asks…

How would you adapt an existing technology for a new use, that hasn't been done before?

If you were to take an existing technology e.g. bluetooth or wifi, what would you choose?

dknol answers:

Every technology has advantages and disadvantages.
It all depends on what you want to do.

If you want to do a new wireless mouse, you would pick bluetooth (short range)

If you want to transmit HDTV across your home over wireless you would pick wifi

Ken asks…

My Smartphone isn't so smart – I want to sync my contacts to my PBA Bluetooth Speakerphone, but my phone can't?

Has anyone figured out a way to sync Outlook contacts direct to a BlueAnt 3 Speakerphone direct from their PC via a USB cable or Bluetooth add-on device using PBA technology?

dknol answers:

Nope. I dont know what a smart phone is so do some research on it! Duh!!!!

Mark asks…

Why do people still use cellphones to their ears?

Can anybody tell me why? Since we have Bluetooth technology and earpieces; why are people still using cellphones to their ears, especially while driving?

dknol answers:

Because headsets are a pain in the rear, even wireless ones. And bluetooth isn't secure – if someone knows what they're doing all it takes is a trip to radio shack for the right bits and they can listen in on any bluetooth conversation.

Besides – while driving it's been shown that the danger is not in HOLDING the phone. Its the conversation itself that creates a distraction and makes it dangerous.

Mandy asks…

Bluetooth and infrared, are they obsolete?

With the new wireless technology all around, whats the use for bluetooth and infrared data transfer technologies?

Are the obsolete?

dknol answers:

Some people still like to use bluetooth headsets. But personally I haven't used either of those for long time already.

Helen asks…

How to make connection b/w two pc's using bluetooh (i want coding in java)?

i am developing a project where i have to create a PAN using bluetooth technology and for that i want to connect two pc's using bluetooth and for the same i needed help in coding in JAVA to establish a connection b/w two pcs

dknol answers:

Why would you want to make a bluetooth connection between 2 PCs in today's world is beyond me. If problem is connecting w/o wires then wireless routers/cards should do better, isnt it ?
But if you are hell bent anyway,try some open source bluetooth stack which has java bindings. also has good bluetooth programming related information. Finally, a lot would depend on your hardware also. Obscure hardware would not be easy to work with so make sure whatever you get is standards complaint.

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