Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology Uses

Betty asks…

Bluetooth,what is it (LG VU)?

My LG VU has “bluetooth technology” I want to use it but I have no idea what it is!!!! just give me a very strightforward answer and explain how to use it

dknol answers:

It is short range wireless technology. You can transfer pics, sounds, videos to someone standing next to you. Like a text message, but it just transfers it to the phone.

Laura asks…

ps3 headset?

i no that the ps3 uses bluetooth technology which is y i am asking this question. can u use any bluetooth headset such as the motorola h700 for the ps3 or does its have to say that it is compatible with the ps3

dknol answers:

I have the Jabra BT125 which i got with warhawk, it works fine with phones so i dont think it has to say “COMPITABLE WITH PS3” in order to pair them. If you have a ps3 and a bluetooth headset, try using it

Paul asks…

Do you think PS3 is the future?

I personally dont think ps3 will die off. i think ps3 is the future. if you look at it its buitl for the futur ground up.
Ps3, as you know got off to a slow start, and endured a tough 2007, but it still managed to sell more than the 360, somehow.

ps3 uses bluetooth technology, which now it seems every cell phone user who bought a phone within the last 2 years or so has.

ps3 uses blu ray, which won the format war over hd dvd, and is actually built in the ps3 unlike 360 where you have to buy a chunky add on.

devs are turning to ps3, because they can put all this info on a blu ray disc which holds 50gb dual layered. they are also porting games from ps3 onto 360.

psn looks set to beat live becuase its free and the in game xmb and home is coming.

i dont think 360 can last more than 4 years, or compete with sonys 10 year promise. look at the 1st xbox, it last 4 years! 360 technology is looking dated and i think they will announce a new xbox console by the end of the year

dknol answers:

Blu Ray may end up being irrelevant in the long run as download-able content seems to be the way to go, also the PS3 doesn't exactly revolutionize gaming its much more of an evolution from the past consoles and doesn't do enough differently in my opinion, having said that there are still some great looking games coming to the system like FF13, MGS4 and Tekken 6 but they are almost all sequels to previous games, but I honestly can't identify a single trend that the PS3 has started unlike Nintendo which has brought gaming to a wider audience with a new type of controller allowing for greater interactivity, which was poorly copied by the PS3.

Richard asks…

Is it possible for wireless earphones to work for my Zune (please read details for specifications)?

I am very interested in getting a particular pair of wireless (not truly wireless though) earphones (NOT headphones) for my Second Generation 8GB Zune.

The following URL should take you directly to the earphones in question:

I've done as much research as I can (for the time being) and I can only infer that I need some kind of transmitter for my Zune in order for such earphones to work (note that this device uses bluetooth technology).

The question I have for you (hopefully plural ^_^) is, if you know or feel that these earphones do not come with a transmitter (that would be compatible with my Zune), then what transmitter should I purchase if any such device exists in the first place?

If there is indeed not currently any hope of me getting these earphones to work for my Zune, what other type(s) of wireless earphones (with earbuds) are available that is/are compatible with my particular kind of Zune?

If you know/believe that there are absolutely no wireless earphones that will work with my Zune, what other portable music devices (such as iPods) do you think or know that the aforementioned earphones will work for?

Thank you for reading and thank you more if you've answered (politely).
Thank you for the informative response, stu.

I shall wait a little longer to see if others have anything else to say and if, by that time, you have no (worthy) competitors you shall receive best answer.

As much as the prospect of not being able to obtain wireless earphones pains me, I will probably consider getting wireless headphones as a compromise.

dknol answers:

I dont think those will work…looks like there has to be a USB port on the device itself for them to work…and since Zune uses its own port on the device, it will not work. But i know there are some wireless headphones out there that just plug into the headphone jack and go to an antenne, then some headphones on your head…but they are NOT in ear headphones.

All i know is that the ipod has the same style port on it so these wont work on that either, but they do have bluetooth on the ipod touch and there are a few nice in ear bluetooth headphone out there.

Lizzie asks…

Bluetooth Headset upgrade?

I have a bluetooth headset I bought a couple years ago from ebay. All it does is answer my phone really.
Now I have a a newer one that was supposed to be a Christmas gift for a friend who doesn't bother with me anymore. My question is. Has Bluetooth technology been upgraded to the point that I should open this thing and use it or is bluetooth about the same as a couple years ago.
I can always give this thing to someone else for a birthday or something later if its not going to do anything new for me.

dknol answers:

Newer devices should be a bit more reliable. Improvements in the Bluetooth standard help prevent connection drops and improve reception (especially at a moderate distance).

If you're unhappy with your old headset I would certainly open the new one up. But if you're content with what you have and have no major complaints about constantly dropping out in the middle of conversations, then there is no reason to “upgrade” to a newer (and only marginally better) device.

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