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Nancy asks…

what is the bluetooth,infrared and gprs technology in mobile what is the use of this?

i want to know that if i have a gprs set that how can i use this hat is the use of this and i h multi media message in mobile with 700 kb memory so it can rum a mms clip or not and can i send a mail by this mobile or not

dknol answers:

Let me just explain this in laymans term;
bluetooth wireless connection/transfer between two devices; approx 10 meters range or 100 meters if ur using a class A bluetooth device; phone to phone, phone to pc; pc to pc; phone to other bluetooth devices like headset etc.

Infrared in somehow the same with bluetooth but in stone age era. Ranges depends on what type of infrared u have. But most of the cases it had a lower range than bluebooth

gprs (general packet radio service) internet connection for your mobile devices. Speed somehwat like a dial up. If you have a browser on your phone you can use this service to browse wap sites or html websites depending on what browser your using or if ur phone can support it.

Sharon asks…

WIRELESS MOUSE for a laptop that doesn't have BLUETOOTH, and I don't want any SNAP ON RECEIVERS??

I have a laptop that didn't come with bluetooth technology.

I am currently using a wireless mouse that has a snap on receiver (snaps on bottom of mouse) that I take off and plug into the USB port when I want to use the mouse.

I would like to find a mouse that I can use that is wireless and doesn't take a USB Port. Maybe something that comes with a card that goes in the PCI card slot, or some other waaaaaaaaaaaaay to use the mouse without plugging something into the USB port.

Can you help me please, and provide sources and links.

Thank you.
i just dont like thing sticking out to eitehr side of the laptop

dknol answers:

You're currently using the best solution. Not sure why you don't want to use a USB mouse – they are by FAR the least expensive. If you go to this website: you'll see that a Bluetooth PCMCIA adapter runs around $80-$85. Then you have to get a Bluetooth mouse, and the inexpensive ones run around $40. So to change the way you want is going to cost you in the neighborhood of $125. Yikes!

If the reason you don't want to use up a USB port is because you have a limited number of them and if you also have a PS/2 port, why not use your current mouse with a USB/PS2 adapter. You can find this type of adapter at most computer retail stores for less than $10.

Paul asks…

Is there such a thing as a bluetooth TV or monitor?

Is it possible to have a Television that will connect with my computer via bluetooth and serve as a monitor? And then when not being used as a computer monitor, be used as a typical television with cable/DVD/etc.? Or are there any other wireless technologies besides bluetooth that might perform this function?

dknol answers:

Who knows what's coming 5 years from now… But for now, I don't think you'll see any bluetooth TVs or monitors because these devices just require much more bandwidth than bluetooth can provide. Even the newer generation bluetooth devices cannot go faster than 2 to 3 Mbps, and that's not enough to carry high quality or HD video to a TV or monitor. I think as the technology matures in a few years, you may see PCs being sold with only ONE wire… The power cord, while your keyboard, monitor, mouse, printer and network will all be wireless and some combination of bluetooth, 802.11 and whatever other new technology is developed by then.

Helen asks…

For those who uses Sony Ericsson: I need your suggestion?

Just checkin' these phone models I sort of consider my choices:
W880i / W910i / W900i
What i consider:
-Storage capacity (Phonebook/others stuffs, etc)
-3G/Video call
Bluetooth (what's the difference betwn Bluetooth technology & Bluetooth wireless technology?)
-*walkman function
-Video recording
Any suggestions among those three models? (sorry, as im not really that techie person)
By the way, i also have this question, just this thing i noticed using Sony Ericsson, how do i keep my messages when I removed my simcard? Coz when i remove my sim, the messages on my inbox automatically gets deleted, a cannot transfer them to my sim memory as it already full as well. Any suggestion? thanks!

dknol answers:

I suggest u better go to the shop itself. Cos ur mind is completely FULL of questions. Try and compare urself the phones. The answer to ur question is very BIG. Actually its not one or 2 question, its a whole LOT!!

But girls will be girls LOL

Joseph asks…

what are the limitations with bluetooth?

which type of power used for equipments with bluetooth technology?

dknol answers:

Short communication range (up to 100 m) is the greatest limitation of Bluetooth technology.

Also, the data transfer rates are much lower compared to other wireless communication technologies.

Infrared can have data rates of up to 4 MBps, which provides very fast rates for data transfer, while Bluetooth only offers 1 MBps.

Susceptibility to interference from other devices operating in the 2.4 MHz band, notwithstanding adaptive frequency hopping, is another limitation.

The greater range and radio frequency (RF) of Bluetooth make it much more open to interception and attack.

The Bluetooth technology is still not fully developed, so there is plenty of room for improvement.

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