Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology Uses

Laura asks…

Can I get rid of the reciever for a cordless mouse & keyboard and use bluetooth instead?

I have a Logitech Click! Cordless Mouse & Keyboard. It came with a receiver which I must plug into a bluetooth port so it can detect the mouse and keyboard. However, I recently gained bluetooth technology on my computer. Is there any way I can get rid of the receiver and use the same mouse and keyboard with bluetooth without having to buy a new one?
Sorry, I am plugging it into a USB port. So, If i want to use bluetooth without a reciever, I have to get a whole new mouse and keyboard set? Does anybody know where I can find a nice bluetooth mouse & keyboard that isn't too expensive?

dknol answers:

The cordless Click! Set use radio frequency (Fast RF) wireless technology, not bluetooth, so you can't use them with a bluetooth hub.

Sharon asks…

Want help urgent in English?

what Bluetooth technology uses a fifth of the power of Wi-Fi means

does it mean that BT power is 5 more times than WiFi ?!

dknol answers:

No, not more, much less.

Mark asks…

Does Cingular make you pay to use Bluetooth?

Web site doesn't say anything about a price (but they wouldn't) and Wiki just talks about the technology.

dknol answers:

No..bluetooth is just wireless headset for talking…and the phone must be compatable with blue the set for your phone.

Daniel asks…

No Bluetooth Devices icon in Control Panel of my win. xp sp2.?

i have windows xp sp2 installed in my system and i cant find anything about woking with bluetooth connection in my computer. i dont even see a Bluetooth Devices icon in Control Panel, or couldnt find any link about bluetooth in my network places either. this PC is kinda old (6yrs) so i guess if it requires a hardware/card for bluetooth technology, my pc lacks it. how can know if my desktop pc supports bluetooth? if it dosnt how can i use bluetooth with my PC??
any help would be appreciated.

dknol answers:

Wow. Well a 6 year old PC is not going to have bluetooth ‘integrated' and to be honest, not many PC's do…So you can stop your searching

Generally laptops ‘come with' bluetooth and that is different to ‘wifi'.

In order to get bluetoothed, buy a USB Bluetooth Adaptor such as this:

You can get an internal card, but I would suggest this as it's simpler to install and you can't get it wrong.


David asks…

bluetooth technology help???

K, I have blue tooth on my phone and I want to send pictures from my phone to my laptop. What programs do I use and how? Please easy steps.

dknol answers:

First you need to get a blue tooth usb adapter that fits on the back or in a usb port then your phone will be able to communicate with the should find the new hardware, and setup the blue tooth then you will have to synchronize the phone to the computer, you may need some software to do the synchronizing if you have not got that with your phone the go to your phone manufactures website and download the software

there should be a cable you can get that fits into a usb slot and the phone check with your phone manufactures or a phone shop I have one that I upload/download my phonebook and other data to computer or phone

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