Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology Uses

Donald asks…

How to i connect my ipod touch with my cell via bluetooth?

Ok, so i just got an ipod touch, and I want to connect it to my cell using the bluetooth technology. Except, everytime i try, my cell asks me for my ipod passcode, i entered the number password but it doesnt work, and my ipod asks me for my cells PIN, i have entered the last four digits of my cell number but that doesnt work either. so, i kinda really need help here. The ipod is a fourth generation and my cell is a at&t LG Xenon, if it helps. Thanks.

dknol answers:

The iPod won't pair with cell phones. And just for future reference, when it asks for a passcode, it is not asking for the unlock code for either of your devices. Usually, you will determine it as you are pairing, it will be set as 0000, or it will be a randomly generated predetermined code.

Richard asks…

how to prevent viruses from entering your cellphone during a data transfer?

i have a nokia 2630 and there are images stored in its memory.

however, i am interested to put these pictures/photos in my pc using bluetooth wireless technology and nokia pc suite.

how can i prevent viruses/ harmful software from entering my cellphone during the data transfer?

thanks a lot.

the nokia 2630 isn't USB compatible…

the only way to transfer files with this cellphone is using bluetooth.=]

dknol answers:

You don't need to worry. Viruses for your phone do not exist. In addition, no PC virus can copy itself to it using the Nokia PC Suite.

Lisa asks…

How to transfer files, cell phone to cell phone using bluetooth? ?

Can someone illutraste it step by step. LOL. I am so… behind the technology.. ok. both phones have a bluetooth. when I placed the bluetooth on.. it says connecting.. and the other on says searching for devices.. and up to know it's still loading… Is that normal? What shall I do?

dknol answers:

Thats what im trying to find out

Michael asks…

What companies are using bluetooth and for what reasons?

I haven't figured out the biggest benefits to this technology. Thank you

dknol answers:

Most people do to exchange files

Nancy asks…

Can pass the current via Bluetooth?

Can we pass the electric current between two bluetooth device using any technology

dknol answers:

May be in future ….. But not in present … There is no such technology developed yet ….

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