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Lisa asks…

need help w/ (bluetooth) trsfr from LG to RZR??

My friend has an LG Chocolate (VERIZON) and I have a MOTOROLA RZR (CINGULAR). We tried to trsfr pics, sound clips, etc. from his fone 2 mine, mine 2 his…our fones would ”connect” but when we tried 2 trsfr anything, it would pop up ”error”, “file unsupported”, etc. So he multimedia messaged some pics, sound clips, etc 2 me and i actually got them and extracted them and saved them in my files on my fone. So why would it let us use the bluetooth technology to trsfr? because after i extracted them from the mms he sent me, i bluetoothed them to someone else (Cingular-Motorola RZr) with no problem!! So whats the deal here?? I called Cingular to see if it had something to do with my friend and I having different carriers, but they said that that was not the problem! Bluetooth was bluetooth, despite the carrier! So how can i get it 2 work???

dknol answers:

You can't.

Verizon Wireless disabled the capability to transfer files to/from a VZW phone via Bluetooth. Security resons, they say.

Best that you can do is xfer via MMS.

Betty asks…

so i have this great bluetooth idea that for some reason have not been used. how can i find a designer?

ok so i have this great bluetooth idea that no one has come up with. it's a great idea but unfortunately i do not know how bluetooth technology works. looks like i need to talk to someone who designs blue tooth technology professionally. how can i find someone to help. it's a solid idea and with a little help it could be successful.

dknol answers:

Your best bet would probably be to start at the Bluetooth website ( ) and find the company who would be most interested in your Bluetooth technology idea. At the bottom of the page, it lists Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, and some other companies that use Bluetooth technology. Try to select and contact the company that would be most likely to like your idea and run with it. Or, if you have the time/money (if it costs much) figure out how Bluetooth works (books, internet, whatever), then go to a local college and talk to a professor or top-of-their-class student who would know how to make it work, and design the actual product. Then, you can get a patent, and take it to companies. If you can get the actual product patented, THEN you're in business! ESPECIALLY if they get the technology and try to patent it after you do. You're then free to sue them for stealing your idea, and big bucks can be in your pocket (asuming money is a big motivation, not just the actual technology and getting it to people. Either way, you can get both done!) Love to hear about your idea, especially if it takes off well! Good luck!

Donald asks…

Bluetooth laptop how do I connect to a non bluetooth comp. & printer?

OK my laptop has bluetooth my home computer and printer do not. So how do I connect? Say for example I want to print something on my laptop using my home printer. Can I just get the dongle connect it to the home computer and do it or do I have to connect something to the printer too? Sorry if this is a dumb question I am complete new to bluetooth technology.

dknol answers:

Are you using a Router?

If your Laptop has a wireless connection and you have setup a network then you should be able to print wireless from the Laptop to the Printer.

How's the printer connected to the PC? If the Printer is connected via a USB cable then you shoulb be able to connect the USB cable from the Printer to the Laptop.

Also in order to connect a Bluetooth device to another device, that device should also be Bluetooth enable

David asks…

Do you use Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a really cool technology but it seems not many people actually know what it is and what it does. So I ask the question, how many people actually use the Bluetooth feature on their gadgets. is a really good website that explains all aspects of Bluetooth technology

dknol answers:

I just got a Bluetooth phone recently.
I created my own ring tones on the PC and download them to the phone (laptop is also Bluetooth capable). Have done the same with video's and pics from the phone.

Albeit I don't use the phone much, the Bluetooth headset is a dream, no more wire to contend with.

William asks…

can i connect bluetooth devices using wi-fi?

I have a Acer eMachines D525 laptop and it includes WI-FI technology. But there is no bluetooth included. I searched the web for bluetooth drivers for my laptop. But there was no drivers for bluetooth for my laptop. Is it using the same device to connect WI-FI and bluetooth? Or can I enable bluetooth for my laptop?

dknol answers:

No, however you can buy a bluethooth dongle for like £1.40 at this website including free delivery, i have one it works well


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