Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology Uses

Paul asks…

Can a lan be created using bluetooth or any other wireless technology for playing games(FIFA 07) BW 2 comps

the 2 comps are situated in two homes which are 100 metres apart and in between there are larger buildings and trees.
the comps are running windows

dknol answers:

You can use bluetooth to connect two PCs as you have said, but the problem is the distance… And specially the buildings,trees etc.

CLASS 1 bluetooth devices can support 100 metres of distance, so you have to get a bluetooth dongle of CLASS 1… I dont no if there exists any…

If you can get, then you can setup networking as normaly you do with fibre optic cables…

You should search for alternate ways like cable TV networking or twisted pair wires… Just a suggestion

Helen asks…

what is the bluetooth technology?

tell me what are its uses and how is the best way to use it

dknol answers:

Bluetooth is a technical industry standard that facilitates communication between wireless devices such as mobile phones, PDAs (personal digital assistants) and handheld computers, and wireless enabled laptop or desktop computers and peripherals. A single Bluetooth-enabled wireless device is capable of making phone calls, synchronizing data with desktop computers, sending and receiving faxes, and printing documents.

Carol asks…

What is bluetooth, exactly? Is it a specific obect, or a trademarked technology applied to certain objects?

Is it very specific to just a wireless attachment/head set for using existing electronic communicating devices, media players, computers, etc?

dknol answers:


Laura asks…

Is there any such thing as a Home phone that uses?

Bluetooth technology? I would love to go wireless at home. I don't like wearing the headsets and my cell doesn't work well in the house.

dknol answers:

Yes, Uniden has a very nice one!


you can buy it as an extentions or base-phone with build in router…


Maria asks…

Transferring information to new phone through Bluetooth?

I just got a new phone, and I know I am suppose to be able to transfer pictures and data from one phone to the other (Transferring from Samsung T239 to Samsung Gravity QWERTY), using Bluetooth. Both phones have this installed, but both of them need a SIM card to operate. I only have one SIM card, so I am wondering how I could get this to work? I am new to this technology, so any help would be great. Thanks!

dknol answers:

On newish samsungs you can turn the phone on without a simcard. This worked with my samsung genio qwerty and my samsung tocco lite

hope this helps :)

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