Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology Uses

Charles asks…

Can you recommend a very easy to use Bluetooth headset?

I would like to buy a bluetooth headset for my Mum's birthday present. She has a Nokia phone, and is not very comfortable with fiddly technology, so the most important thing would be ease of use. Thanks for any advice.

dknol answers:

Check out I brought one of their own brand ones for about £18. And it is fine – partner it once and you just press the button to answer a call

William asks…

How do I transfer pictures from my iphone to my computer without using the usb cable?

My phone got wet and only works when being charged. Can I take out sim card? use bluetooth technology? Please help!!!!

dknol answers:

ON your itunes account (if your using wi-fi) you can set up Apples “Icloud” from your Iphone to your computer. Just go into the Iphones settings and set up your Icloud account its fast and simple and no usb is needed!

Robert asks…

Does using Bluetooth to transfer songs decrease quality?

Hello there!

I've been transferring songs from one device to another often using Bluetooth, but I suddenly wondered if the technology reduces the quality of the files. Does it? Your replies would be greatly appreciated.

dknol answers:

No. Transferring the files from one device to another doesn't affect the contents of the files. Now STREAMING them over a bluetooth connection may affect the quality, but copying them over blluetooth should have ho effect.

Donald asks…

Bluetooth: disconnected within seconds of connection?


I am just getting into the use of bluetooth technology (rather slow on these tech stuff). I followed the instructions in my manual: enabling bluetooth, enter a pin, connect. I'm trying to pair with my friend's phone so I can transfer some files. But about fifteen seconds after I get the Connected notice, I would get disconnected.

It happens when her phone pops up a window indicating something–like, how to connect? I don't have the phone with me to exactly tell, but it would give the option “Dial-up networking”. When that pops up, I would get disconnected.

Is that an indication that we have somehow messed up our configuration or something? Would that be on my phone or hers?

Any little info would really help. Thnx in advance…

dknol answers:

I think there's a little software problem. Either ur phone or ur fren's

Try to pair with other bluetooth phone and try again.

Write evertything that is written on ur cell phone here. I'll help u.

John asks…

What would someone use bluetooth to do, when it is included in your laptop?

I'm a grandma, and while I am pretty good at using my computer now, I am not up on the latest in technology. My new Dell Mini 12 comes with bluetooth built in. What is that for????

dknol answers:

To transfer files between your pc and another bluetooth enabled device. E.G- If you want to put a song onto a bluetooth enabled phone, you simply transfer it across.

Hope this clears things up.

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