Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology Uses

Daniel asks…

How do I use a Jabra BT200 bluetooth headset with my Sidekick 3. Says technology is too old???

dknol answers:

I think you need to get a new headset. Try going to the Sidekick website.

Thomas asks…

do you need bluetooth MP4 Watch Video Player 4GB?

1.5 inch bluetooth MP4 Watch Video Player 4GB
Great innovation in MP4 watch technology, a high quality and easy using MP4 watch with embedded Bluetooth technology. This stylish MP4 watch comes with a versatile Bluetooth headset that can be paired with any other devices that support version 1.2 or under. When in standby mode the watch face displays a digital and analog clock as well as the date.

dknol answers:

It stinks… Low battery life… Small…. Don't even watch em when you keep watching them over and over… Easily broken by a couple of touches from showers or water… Cheap… Plastic… Not worth it… Save your money… There so many more…

Michael asks…

Does the new 2008 Honda Pilot have Bluetooth Technology?

Hi all, I have the new 2008 honda pilot, it has everything equipped except navigation system.
It has leather seats, fog lights, sunroof and rear DVD entertainment system.
My question is, does the car have Bluetooth technology so I can talk hands free without using my cell phone.
The Acura MDX does, and honda owns Acura and so the Honda Odyessy and the Honda Pilot is more expensive than the Odyessy.
Please let me know, Thanks so much.
Here is a pic of a 2008 honda Pilot incase you need one.
If you tell me to look in the car manual, what would it be under in the index?
If you tell me to look in the car manual, what would it be under in the index?

dknol answers:

The new 2009 Honda Pilot has Bluetooth hands free link. The 2008 pilot did not have it.

Only the 2008 Accord and the 2008 Odyssey had Bluetooth. It is listed in the owners manual under Bluetooth hands free link. There is no listing in the 2008 Pilot owners manual for Bluetooth

hope that answers your question

Sharon asks…

How do I use a Motorola Brand bluetooth headset (That came with my phone) V3r.?

I have a Bluetooth headset that came with my new motorola V3r. My V3 razr is enabled for bluetooth technology/headset use. I went into my setting and then connection i selected bluetooth link and then selected handsfree and turned the bluetooth on connector on my phone ON. Then i turned on my bluetooth headset and searched for devices. It says no devices found. I tried holding the bluetooth headset right next to my phone and it still does not work. PLEASE HELP!!!
Thank You. . .

dknol answers:

The headset has to flash purple and red in order to be found hold down the power button and either the volume + or talk open button

Betty asks…

How do I start using blue tooth with my laptop?

I've got a Toshiba Satellite and when I try to use the bluetooth technology it tells me to plug in a device. I'm totally new to this and would appreciate any help.

dknol answers:

The device it wants you to plug in is probably a Bluetooth adapter. Not all laptops come with internal Bluetooth. (If yours does, you may have it turned off.)

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