Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology Uses

Laura asks…

Can Bluetooth headphones be used with the iPod touch 2G?

I heard differing takes on whether the iPod touch supports bluetooth technology. I have some bluetooth headphones and wondered if I could use them with the iPod touch

dknol answers:

In the summer the ipod will get an update allowing bluetooth to work for $10 called 3.0

Helen asks…

Do Bluetooth technologies use satellites??????

I need some info on the subject of blue tooth.
How does it work. Does it use a satellite?
If not how is the data transferred?????

dknol answers:

No it does not use satellite. It is a short range wifi. 10m (30ft) or less. While you can use it to connect to a network it is more suited for devices like cell phones, keyboards and mice, stereo headsets,..

Donna asks…

How have your attitudes changed towards Bluetooth products/systems since Bluetooth first entered the market?

Hello, this is for some simple research for my coursework,

I would just like to know what you initially thought of Bluetooth products or systems that you have used or experienced at home or at work when Bluetooth had first been introduced? And how your attitudes have changed with more advanced Bluetooth technology which is currently available?

NOTE: Please refrain from posting irrelevant answers, this is for serious answers only.

dknol answers:

When it first entered the market, I didn't automatically see all the possiblities. I just saw colleagues walking around with these silly things in their ears and thought, “What a show off!”
Now that I've seen most of the possibilities turn into realities and realized the potential, I think it is amazing technology and it has definately revolutionized alot of products.

On a consumer level, look at all the digital frames that you can just Bluetooth your cell phone photos to, or the Polaroid Pogo; a Bluetooth digital printer that gives us back the Intstant Photo “in our hands” gratification. Don't forget those big weird headsets are now so small you hardly notice them, and the quality and ease of use has improved drastically.

On a business level, you can Bluetooth all of your contacts from one phone to another, or Bluetooth a business card to a group of colleagues.

There are so many possibilites and so many more coming. My opinion continues to improve with each new technology that Bluetooth has to offer.

Michael asks…

Does anyone have knowledge about Bluetooth technology?

I have a 2 part question. 1. I used this bluetooth dongle on my computer a couple of years ago and was able to transfer pictures from my phone onto my computer. I put it away for a couple of years and when I now try to open it, it says I have no bluetooth devices. 2. I turned my phone on and put it on visible and it was able to detect my computer. I went on my computer to check for nearby devices and it finally detected my phone. So when I tried to transfer pictures, it asked me for a pass code. It's been 2 years, I can't remember my pass code. Is there a way around this? How can I make a new pass code if there is not? Thank You
Thanks Yahoolig. I'll try that and let you know if it worked. Thanks again

dknol answers:

A pass code means that you can put anything you want, usually 0000 is sufficient enough, then when you get your pop up on computer, it will ask for password, just put in 0000 again and it should transfer pics.

The password is so that you dont transfer random stuff to other peoples bluetooth devices unless both paswords match

and each time you can put whatever password you want, as long as you tyoe the same pass for both devices communicating with eachother.

Srry for spelling mistakes, kinda in a rush


Betty asks…

Bluetooth Questions..?

1. When was bluetooth invented?
2. Who Invented / discovered bluetooth?
3. What was the first device to use bluetooth technology?
4. What is the latest personnal stuff using bluetooth technilogy?

dknol answers:

1. Bluetooth was developed in 1994 in Sweden by Jaap Haartsen and Sven Mattisson whilst they worked for Ericcson Mobile Platforms.

2. Jaap Haartsen and Sven Mattisson

3. Mobile phones (sometimes called “cell phones” in certain countries)

4. Future of Bluetooth

* Broadcast Channel: enables Bluetooth information points. This will drive the adoption of Bluetooth into mobile phones, and enable advertising models based around users pulling information from the information points, and not based around the object push model that is used in a limited way today.

* Topology Management: enables the automatic configuration of the piconet topologies especially in scatternet situations that are becoming more common today. This should all be invisible to the users of the technology, while also making the technology just work.

* Alternate MAC PHY: enables the use of alternative MAC and PHY's for transporting Bluetooth profile data. The Bluetooth Radio will still be used for device discovery, initial connection and profile configuration, however when lots of data needs to be sent, the high speed alternate MAC PHY's will be used to transport the data. This means that the proven low power connection models of Bluetooth are used when the system is idle, and the low power per bit radios are used when lots of data needs to be sent.

* QoS improvements: enable audio and video data to be transmitted at a higher quality, especially when best effort traffic is being transmitted in the same piconet.

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