Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology Uses

Mandy asks…

what is the use of Bluetooth & infrared technology in Mobile phones?

dknol answers:

Both are connectivity tools. You can connect either via bluetooth or via infrared to laptop/pc or another mobile or a bluetooth enabled device. They enable you to share, exchange and synchronize data. Bluetooth is mainly used to synchroize and share.
Infrared has more uses.It depends on the handset you use.

Linda asks…

Bluetooth Headset for my PS3?

OK. I have the Headset and i've even used it before with Resistance: Fall of man. But it just seems hard to use. I mean i have to turn it on, and have the ps3 find it everytime i turn it on, test it to make sure it can hear me before i use it. Then i get online and it seems like it isn't working so when i hit the button on the head set it like makes the ps3 freeze. Then the controller flashes and stops working. I think it because the controller is connected by using bluetooth technology so it gets confused on whats what? Anyone have this problem or know of a good head set thats EASY to use. Turn it on and play…You know?

dknol answers:

I've had the same problem. This is what I do.
1. Turn my PS3 on and make sure I'm not on my cell phone.
2. Log on to my User Name
3. Connect (pair) my bluetooth
4. Log into the game

I no longer press the button unless I receive no audio. If I'm playing resistance, I go to Audio Settings and make sure the input and output are on my headset. If that doesn't work, I reset the system and do it all over again, BUT with my controller plugged in. I don't unplug the controller until I'm 100% sure that I'm receiving audio through my bluetooth.

Richard asks…

A mobile phone can connect to Wi-Fi internet via bluetooth?(Wi-Fi and Bluetooth work on 2.4Ghz frequency)?

Is there any program to connect to a wireless internet access point with using bluetooth feature? Because wireless technology works on 2400 Mhz frequency like bluetooth technology. Is it possible?

dknol answers:

Bluetooth is a PAN network and wireless is LAN or WLAN – whatever you wanna call it. Even though they work on the same frequency, the technologies are a bit different. The frequency is just what you listen to so you can communicate with the technology being used on that device but if the devices speak different languages then it doesnt help.

So like the first guy answered. You are SOL.

Michael asks…

what is the bluetooth dongle used for?

Ok, so i'm just trying to grasp the while bluetooth thing.

so if i have a blackberry and a laptop, what is the relevance of the “dongle” or does it have anything to do with it? also, what exactly is the benefit of bluetooth technology? like is it really necessary?

thank you for any info you can provide :)

dknol answers:

A bluetooth dongle is as I understand it a USB port that allows you to attach your bluetooth phone to a PC or a laptop.

Please take a look at the following link

You can also check out wikipedia and type in “bluetooth dongle” and it will explain everything to you in detail.

William asks…

How can I use a mobile phone with bluetooth technology to connect my notebook to the internat?

My notebook has the usual wireless connectivity to internet. The mobile service provided has the internet facility. I want to use the mobile phone as a modem and connect it to the notebook – I think I can do this by using a cable running between phone and the notebook. Can I do this by using the mobile phone's bluetooth connectivity and adding (connecting) some gadget to the USB port of the notebook. I have HP Pavilion dv9310us notebook.

dknol answers:

Yes you can by purchasing a USB dongle.

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