Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology Uses

Betty asks…

What is the REAL difference between infrared and bluetooth wireless connections?

I have both bluetooth and infrared wireless technology on my cell phone — I use bluetooth on a regular basis (ie. transfers and wireless talking). Anywho, can someone please explain (in lamen's terms) what is the difference between bluetooth and infrared…

dknol answers:

Easier terms,
Infrared is like Connecting remote control to your television, while bluetooth is like making a wireless network with a router but smaller and only to your phone

Well newer phones are taking out infrared considering bluetooth is much more usefull with a 10m radius distance. While infrared if your sending pictures to your buddy then you have to put the phones side by side with the sensors facing eachother.

So think of bluetooth as a single popcorn in a big bowl, the popcorn is your phone and the empty area around the bowl is how far it can go.
And infrared is like… Kissing a person on the lips, to send a kiss from your lips must come contact with other lips

Sandy asks…

How can I connect multiple bluetooth devices to one laptop simultaniusly?

I bought a Motorola bluetooth earpiece with it's bluetooth USB transmitter. Then I bought a bluetooth mouse for bluetooth laptops.
Now, I can use only one at a time. When I am using my earpiece, I can't discover the mouse. I have to disconnect from the earpiece first. Same goes for the mouse.
Is this come configuration limitation, a driver limitation or is it a limitation of the bluetooth technology?

dknol answers:

Theoretically bluetooth can handle 79 different connections at the same time, which means realistically it should be able to handle much more than one, so what you are running into is either it is a limitation of your specific hardware or drivers or there is so much radio interference where you are doing this that there is only one clear channel for any device to use.
I hope that made sense.

Robert asks…

Bluetooth technology and pocket pc question?

My boss gave me her old pocket pc.
I don't 100% understand the technology.
I have it synced to my outlook at work but i'm wondering if i want to use the internet…it has bluetooth so will it pick the connection off my bluetooth capable laptop at home?
Will it be compatible if i have xp at work and vista at home?
does anyone know where i could find the user manual for it? its an IPAQ Pocket PC pro by HP

dknol answers:

“iPAQ stats” =

“Product Manuals” =

Note: enter the “Enter product name/number” for the desired manual.

Maria asks…

is bluetooth wireless technology safe?

i have a nokia 2630 and there are images stored in its memory

i am interested in transferring these files to my pc without using usb cables (it isn't usb compatible)

according to the user manual, you need to use the nokia pc suite and bluetooth technology.

i am aware of the risks that may happen to my phone during the file transfer…

will harmful software enter my phone during the transfer? (cellphone – pc transfer)

how can i prevent these harmful software from entering my phone?

can you give me some tips?

thanks a lot.


dknol answers:

Actually,viruses from your pc cannot be transmitted from pc to your phone and vise versa. Bluetooth is not safe if your transferring data from phone to phone as some phone viruses can infect your phone thru bluetooth connection.

Lisa asks…

I have a HP 370 Smart Photo Printer with Bluetooth technology. My computer recognizes the printer, but it?

doesn't print through the Bluetooth. It prints though the cable, but I use the bluetooth USB adaptor without success. Can anyone please help me by giving me troubleshooting techniques, tips to install, and anything useful. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

dknol answers:

Make sure you install the CD that came with this printer. Even if your PC recognizes it.

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