Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology Uses

Chris asks…

what technology do wireless keyboard and mouse use ?

I have a wireless keyboard and mouse (model – microsoft wireless desktop 1000).
I was wondering that is there any way to control my pc through its receiver, if the receiver uses bluetooth technology?
If not then, what technology do wireless keyboard and mouse use, infrared or something else ?
I want to control my PC through my Mobile Phone (Huawei Ideos U8150D)
My phone is android 2.2 and has bluetooth, wi-fi, but not infrared.
Can I control my PC keyboard and mouse from my phone?

dknol answers:

Some used to use IR, but not many any more as they are directional/line of sight.
Presently many use RF and others bluetooth, depends on the make and model. Microsoft uses either. Bluetooth is a copy righted name/hardware so if yours has it, it says so.
As for “control thru it's receiver” … What exactly do you mean? That's what a keyboard and mouse are for…

Not, not with a phone.
If it has windows CE, you may be able to find a way to use the ‘remote desktop' of windows thru the web or wifi, but i dont think CE has this feature nore does andrios to the best of my knowledge..

Charles asks…

How do you transfer ringtones on your computer using blue tooth technology??

I have a U.S. Cellular phone, and I would like to added some free ringtones onto my phone. The site I would like to use says I have to transfer the ringtones through bluetooth, but they have no responded about how to do that. Can anyone help me? How much would the cords for the bluetooth technology cost? Thank you!

dknol answers:

I always get my ringtones from one place:

Paul asks…

Don't know nothing about bluetooth technology….help please!?

I am wanting to use my lap top that has a little bluetooth symbol on it (assuming it's there???) can't find it anywhere! with my cell phone. Can I download music to my cell phone this way? Is there something I need to get or install on the computer to use bluetooth? I've looked in my control panel for it under printers and other hardware..nothing! If I can't get tunes on my phone this way how would I do that?

dknol answers:

Bluetooth is a short distance communication usually 30m
to transfer data using bluetooth
your mobile and laptop should be bluetooth compatible
now a days all mid range mobiles and laptop are blue tooth compatible

first use should have bluetooth dongle in your laptop to transfer data from your laptop dongle is low cost device
then activate bluetooth in your mobile .this option will be under connection folder in your mobile
then it will ask for search bluetooth device now and if your laptop is within the range mobile will detect your laptop and once got connected you can transfer data

actually data transfer through bluetooth is fast and reliable

i think this answers your question!!!!

Sandra asks…

What kind of technology does the Xbox 360 controllers use?

Do they use Bluetooth? I'm not 100% but I think they don't. If they don ‘t then what kind of technology do they use?

dknol answers:

The use the same infrared technology that's found in a regular remote control for the TV.

Mary asks…

Do young Egyptian men looking for girlfriends use Bluetooth call signs to escape traditional restrictions?

I've read that in Egypt young Muslims who want to meet and make friends with young women have taken to using Bluetooth technology to get round the traditional mores against approaching the opposite sex on the street or in a cafe. They use sometimes risque call signs and sit in cafes waiting for people to contact them. How true is this? Does it happen elsewhere in the Middle East? Is it frowned on by parents? What happens if a couple who met like this wanted, later, to get married? Anybody out there know about this?

dknol answers:

It's common and has been going on for a couple of years actually. It is frowned on by parents but the kids don't tell them what they are doing.

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