Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology Uses

Jenny asks…

What are some innovative technologies for Bluetooth?

I am working with bluetooth technologies and I am trying to find innovative uses for Bluetooth.

Here is some that I use it for:

Audio/Video Production
Scanners for barcodes and serial numbers

Headset for mobile phones are very generic. I won't accept those answers. It was innovative when it was first implimented in 2004. Now we got people that like as though they are talking to themselves.

What are some of your uses for Bluetooth other than as a headset for phones?

dknol answers:

Boring and widely done but my main one is synching files to PDA w/o a cable. Mostly music, work files. Just need to get it in the Jeep for MP3s!

A friend wanted to work on a bluetooth locater service for his campus – your bluetooth device would be used as a homing beacon to find you on campus.

Lisa asks…

do you want to use the bluetooth MP4 Watch?

1.5 inch bluetooth MP4 Watch Video Player 4GB
Great innovation in MP4 watch technology, a high quality and easy using MP4 watch with embedded Bluetooth technology. This stylish MP4 watch comes with a versatile Bluetooth headset that can be paired with any other devices that support version 1.2 or under. When in standby mode the watch face displays a digital and analog clock as well as the date.

dknol answers:

Not so great with battery life… Not durable either

Joseph asks…

what is bluetooth device used for?I want to know the details of bluetooth technology as soon as possible.pleas

dknol answers:

Bluetooth is a wireless standard used on may devices, like cell phone headsets and some electronic devices.
It basically is a short area fm transmitter.

Ruth asks…

Are there any good wireless earbuds that don't use Bluetooth?


I am looking for a pair of earbuds that are wireless, but are not based on Bluetooth technology. What I want is a base/transmitter that connects with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack that transmits the audio signal to the buds. Price is not an issue. Thank you in advance!

dknol answers:

Apple has wireless ear buds. You can go through the website.Yo will definitely you will get it. You can check it here also. Http://

James asks…

My Bluetooth Mouse lags with heavy wifi useage?

I have a Wireless Laser Mouse 8000 and it run on wireless 2.4ghz Bluetooth technology. I am using a laptop with wifi, which is also 2.4 ghz. The problem is that when I transfer large files from my laptop to another computer on my network via wifi, or if I do internet activity which requires larger bandwidths than surfing the net, my bluetooth mouse will lag and get jerky.

Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? I already tried switching channels on my wifi.

dknol answers:

You can try turning down your wifi signal strength, but I doubt that will work, you will probably need to replace the mouse with one that doesn't use the 2.4Ghz range.

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