Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

Sandra asks…

Does technology improve our lives or just complicate it ?

what do you think about how technology has changed our lives? you think technology has complicated our lives or is it making our lives infinitely better or both ?

dknol answers:

“The relational aspect of business communications has been changed definitively by the evolution of technology. With email, text messaging, social networking sites, and cell phones becoming more and more popular, face to face communication is become far less frequent.
There is no such child who is not acquainted with the words smart phones,bluetooth,social media,ipads,gps,mms…
But i wonder how different our childhood was from those of today.i received my first cell phone when i was 20.this generation childhood and life style is shaped different than mine.
Technology is complicating human values and relations.
E-readers are top trends now adays..but stil i love to wait ..go and buy and hold my deal in my thoroughly and line tuck it up in my gives me enormous satisfaction.
Technology is for sure bringing change and maybe good for future generation in few ways but its complicating our life.
*i will never entertain our children for social net working,e reading,mobiles till 18,or play station or any electronic indoor games which can make them stick on to it for hours.A free beautiful childhood more connected with nature is always best for a child.hope u agree with me bhava..:-*

Steven asks…

can i connect my XBOX 360 Wireless Headset to my nokia bluetooth cellphone and use it as a wireless headset ?

can i connect my XBOX 360 Wireless Headset to my nokia bluetooth cellphone and use it as a wireless headset ?

dknol answers:

Nope. The 360 headset uses a proprietary Microsoft wireless technology, not bluetooth. Your best bet is to get a cheap bluetooth headset.

Susan asks…

What's the problem with Bluetooth on my Dell Vostro 1500?

I've installed the correct driver from Dell's website, but not sure if i'm supposed to have some sort of external hardware or if it's installed inside the laptop already. All i know is that it's Bluetooth compatible. Pressing Fn+F2 after the driver installation and restart does nothing. All i want is to transfer music and pictures from my phone to my laptop.
Do i need to run some diagnostics or install some hardware? Or am i supposed to use some usb cable?

dknol answers:

No.. First do you have a bluetooth in the note? The userr manual say it is optional..” To turn off only the Bluetooth wireless technology functionality, right-click icon in the notification area, and then click Disable Bluetooth the Radio.” you need only the driver…. You can see if your bluetooth is working with a free software.. Download link above…

Richard asks…

how do i get recorded audio files off a cell phone and onto my computer?

i am going to be buying a cellphone soon and need to save recorded sounds onto my computer. what kind of technology do i need for this? please be as specific (brand, model #, etc) as possible. thanks!

dknol answers:

Get a phone that has Bluetooth, Infared or can connect to a computer via a USB cord, if i were you i'd probably get the Motorola V3, it has bluetooth and can connect to a computer via a USB cord but that's me…..

Jenny asks…

How do I upload photos from my Samsung GT-S5600 phone to my laptop?

Please help. I have a Samsung GT-S5600 phone and I am trying to upload the photos from it to my laptop with no success. I have a bluetooth connection, every now and then it will upload one photo, then it keeps coming up with send failed. Any advice would be appreciated

dknol answers:


You can connect your mobile to PC/Laptop with Data cable than try to copy your files, as bluetooth technology is not capable to send large size of file.

Hope this may be help you

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