Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

Jenny asks…

what is the difference of an infrared to the bluetooth in cellphones?

how do infrared and bluetooth works in cellphones?

dknol answers:

Infrared (IrDA) is a optical wireless technology, it requires line of sight between two devices. The data transfer rate is limited and only a handful of phones still have IrDA. Bluetooth is radio frequency based wireless technology and does not require line of sight. They can operate in the range of 10-40m depending on the brand. Most of the new cellphones have bluetooth and there plenty of bluetooth based accessories such as bluetooth headset, speakers, mini keyboards etc.

Helen asks…

Please someone give a topic so that i can give a seminar on it?

Many of my friends gave seminars on Modems,Antennas,Gsm,Gprs,3G 4G Technologies,Bluetooth technologies etc.,So please give me a topic which would be more enthusiastic for listeners

dknol answers:

Public wireless mesh networks for major cities

Steven asks…

How do I transfer music to my mobile phone?

At the risk of sounding completely stupid, I have a new mobile phone but I don't know how to transfer music over to it. I'm a middle-aged guy though and a lot of technology has really past me by. I thought it was via USB but I didn't get a cable with the phone, and the ones I do have don't fit.

I'd be grateful if anybody could outline the steps I need to take to do it.

dknol answers:

Which model is that ?

U can transfer the music thru Memory card, or thru bluetooth.

Sharon asks…

What type of wireless technology does guitar hero III for xbox 360 use?

What type of wireless technology does guitar hero III for xbox 360 use?

dknol answers:

All Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii controllers use bluetooth wireless technology.

Paul asks…

What is the difference between the “Technology” industry and “IT”.?

I know “IT” stand for “Information Technology“. So is the latter simply a subset of the former?

dknol answers:

IT helps you understand and function with the technology.

My IT guys help with computer problems, interfacing between the equipment and technical glitches (“My mouse won't work!”)

technology industry MAKES the technology, whether it be a PC, Bluetooth, IPhone or whatever

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