Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

George asks…

what is the difference between iphone and hiphone?

I am not technology savvy and my dad gave me a hiphone for my 21st birthday. However, I know that it's not an iphone but just looks like it. But what are some good features about it versus the iphone?

dknol answers:

Some good features is that it has that the iphone doesnt
dual sim slots
video recording
stereo bluetooth
fm radio
and it probably has better call quality

James asks…

what is blue tooth and what are the benefits?

I have resisted the technology only because I don't know about it. I appreciate any intelligent feedback. Thank you.

dknol answers:

For wireless connection. It can transfer data between devices including music. Range is 10 or 100m. The most common application now is on mobile phones with a bluetooth headset, transferring the audio on a call wirelessly from you handset. One heckova ugly to have something on your ear, though you can have the handset hidden away. Other applications include connecting to printer and get images printed, sync your pda to pc, etc.

Nancy asks…

What is a bluetooth headset and what does it do?

And how does it relate to the bluetooth dongle?

Are all the bluetooth dongles the same? As in in their purposes, shape/size…? If I just want to transfer music/pics from my computer to my cell, assuming bluetooths vary, which one should I get?

I've just kind of been sleeping under a rock when it comes to technology, so please advise.

dknol answers:

A bluetooth headset is an earpiece or set of earpieces that can connect to several types of devices to transmit sound. There is actually another kind of headset, not mentioned above. The mono/stereo headset, which is my favorite. This headset can be connected as a mono headset (for phone calls) or a stereo headset (for music). If you're phone can play music, this headset will probably be ideal for you. My favorite is Jabra's BT8010 which I just found at for 28.99. I remember the first time I got a call while listening to music. I thought it was so slick as the music paused automatically and the phone started to ring.

If you're mostly interested in transferring music files with your computer dongle, the profile you'll need is the File Transfer Profile (FTP). I can't imagine a dongle that wouldn't have this profile. I found the Asus WL-BTD201M USB 2.0 Bluetooth Dongle Adapter for 19.99 at which should do the trick for ya.

Another favorite combo of mine is having bluetooth in my car, allong with a bluetooth ipod adaptor. My kids can be in the backseat playing DJ with the iPod as the sound gets played through the car speakers. All without wires! And the BT8010 can also connect to the iPod via the adaptor. Sony's adaptor is my favorite, but they're kinda pricey at about $50.

Lizzie asks…

How do I turn on bluetooth on my computer?

I know I sound technology illiterate; it's not funny :)

I want to connect my phone to my computer via bluetooth on nokia PC suite. I have an asus eee pc. It says that my bluetooth settings are not turned on, or something. Where do I go to turn them on?

Please help; whatever works can have 10 points.


dknol answers:

For that you need a BLUE TOOTH ADAPTER …….. It comes as a usb port ………………..then after connecting it you can do it without pc suite ……………

Laura asks…

What is the meaning of BLUETOOTH and INFRARED?

how can i set the Bluetooth and Infrared in My computer, Please Help me.

dknol answers:

infrared is the older technology, which we can see in TV remotes and no longer exists in computers.
Bluetooth is a technology which, if you need in your computer, you will have to purchase a bluetooth dongle. Some computer dealers will give it as a part of the package. It is like a plug-in which works instantly on plugging it in your USB socket.

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