Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

Laura asks…

Does anyone know if some metropcs phones are able to transfer file thru bluetooth?

i have a metro phone but it only allows me to use bluetooth as a headset and i think there are other phones that allow you to transfer files thru bluetooth…does anyone know any?

dknol answers:

Well, Your Question not really Clear to me, lets consdier if you want to have another phone has the ability to transfer files by using bluetooth Technology, then i Personaly advice Using Sony and Nokia , And the reason i'm advising that ones that both of them has more than the Bluetooth Option for Example Infra Red Technology, I hope my answer Help you, Thanks

Jenny asks…

I want to make connction between my mobile and laptop with thehelp of bluetooth?

I am using dell inspiron i want to transfer some songs to mobile. The bluetooth device in my laptop always shows that it is on. But when i search for other device in my mobile, it says no device found. what is the problem? do i need any software? or driver?
How to make connection, please tell me the procedure to get connected.

dknol answers:

Ok… I was also stumped earlier on this…
First of all, does Dell Inspiron have inbuilt blue tooth technology?
I doubt it.
If not, then you have to buy a bluetooth device which can be plugged into the USB port. The device costs approx 8 US dollars (Bluetooth version 2.0 and the software is called Bluetooth Soleil) and comes with a CD-Rom; you have to install the software on the CD onto your laptop or even a regular desktop.
Subsequently, after installing the software, u would be asked to reboot the system. Once this is done, open the software and click the circular red sphere that appears in the window. This initiates the search for Bluetooth enabled devices in the vicinity. Also switch on Bluetooth service on your mobile phone ( if it is a Nokia, look under “Connectivity” option).
After your laptop identifies ur mobile, you will have to “pair” the devices (look in the menu of Soleil software). For this it will ask u to enter a code which has to be confirmed by mobile as well (like a password).
Once the code is accepted, you are ready to transfer music, snaps , videos by selecting the file transfer service in Soleil.
Double click your mobile device in Soleil, and a new window opens where you can view the contents of your phone.
After this, simply copy and paste!
Your files are transferred within seconds !!! (depending on size).
Ah…technology rocks!

William asks…

what is bluetooth on like PS3 and cell phones and how do you use it?

what is bluetooth on like PS3 and cell phones and how do you use it?

dknol answers:

That's a stupid question. Bluetooth is just wireless technology that let's you connect two or more devices that are Bluetooth enabled and share data

Mary asks…

what is a technology package on an Acura TL ?

I am looking to buy a used 2009 Acura TL, i found a couple that comes with a Technology package, does anyone here knows what that includes?

dknol answers:

Technology PackageAudio:
440-watt Acura/ELS Surround® Premium 10-speaker Sound System with HDD music storage, in-dash CD, DVD-Audio, MP3, WMA and DTS®6 player, Dolby®5 Pro Logic® II and XM® Radio with Note function music reminder
Acura Navigation System10:
Rearview camera, Traffic Rerouting™, and Zagat Survey® ratings and reviews, AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic and Weather™13, Automated Appointments™
Voice Recognition System:
For navigation, audio, and climate control systems
Climate Control:
GPS-linked and solar-sensing10
Cellular Interface:
Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® phonebook exchange
Premium Leather-trimmed interior
Keyless Access System with push button start
Body-colored decklid spoiler

Sharon asks…

How do they make fake bluetooth headsets?

isnt it like realy hard?

how do they get the technology, and how do they not get caught.

i dont understand, and it makes me mad since i was just scammed into buying one…people these days

dknol answers:

Trust me……anything that can be made “original' can also be made “fake”.
A SCHEMER can always figure out a way to “get over” with new products because they know we all like to buy new gadgets to make life easier.

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