Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

Joseph asks…

A Problem with American piblic schools and how it affects my chances of going to the moon?

I wasn´t born in America but I went to several American schools. From what I saw, students are not really sweating it. Kids who like science and math are called nurds and are frowned upon, which makes then want to abandon the wisdom path that doen't seem to get them popular or laid. Nurds turn into Joks or die off.
Now I am wondering, who are those people that make ipod Nanos and Bluetooth wireless technology? Are they all from Japan or Russia? Where in other words does America get it's brains? Are they imported?

dknol answers:

The problem is they never taught you to spell public properly

Sandra asks…

Which type of wireless mouse do you prefer?

1) Which do you prefer:

a wireless mouse with a receiver; or

a wireless mouse with bluetooth technology?

2) Which of them ranges longer from the laptop?

3) Which of them has the weakest signal from the laptop?

Now you might wonder why i'm asking this questions.. It is because i'm planning to buy a new wireless optical mouse because my old one has wire and it sucks too.. i mean it is too old (bought 2006)..

Pls. help me choose the right one..

dknol answers:

A wireless mouse with a receiver is better,because its signal is strong,I am now using a wireless mouse which i feel good.

John asks…

What is the difference between a bluetooth mouse and a wireless mouse?

I thought that bluetooth meant wireless, so I'm starting to get confused. Can someone expain this to me in full detail?

dknol answers:

A wireless mouse can use bluetooth technology. It has to do with the type of radio waves it uses. More or less there one in the same.

Donald asks…

How to transfer files from WIN XP SP2 computer to Bluetooth Karbonn mobile K541?

Computer had no Bluetooth Software. How to install it & how to transfer the files from mobile to computer and mobile to computer?

dknol answers:

Bluetooth is a new wireless technology that enables you to transfer files (music, pictures, and other data) from any other bluetooth enabled device. All you need is a computer with bluetooth technology, and an updated cell phone. Most new computers and many cell phones come with this technology. You can add a bluetooth module with USB to your computer for Rs.350-430, sometimes less; and you will be able to transfer files almost effortlessly to your PC, and vice versa. It's a fairly simple process, so let's get started.

Step-1 :- Enable Bluetooth on your PC. To enable Bluetooth on your PC visit your control panel. You should see an option for Bluetooth devices. Select this option and make sure the technology is enabled. If you are installing a USB module, you should be able to plug it in and use it right away. If not, it should come with drivers to install (insert the disc, and install the software).

Step-2 :- Enable bluetooth on your cell phone. Each phone is different, but you should be able to go to a settings menu, and select bluetooth. There should be an option to enable bluetooth on your phone. Enable it, and make sure your phone is visible.

Step-3 :- Allow the PC to search for devices. It should find your cell phone. If not, you can try searching for your computer with your cell phone. Many times, with the USB modules, they have trouble finding your cell, but your cell can find your computer. The important part is that the devices connect, regardless of which device finds which.

Step-4 :- Approve the devices to connect. Sometimes, the devices will automatically connect, and you will be ready to go. However, if this is not the case, refer to step 5.

Step-5 :- Enter any necessary security codes. If you do not know these codes, try the defaults, (1234, last 4 digits of your phone number, etc.) If these do not work, contact customer support.

Step-6 :- Select the files on your computer that you want, and you should be able to right click and select “send via bluetooth”. Click this option, and let the files send.

” H A P P Y S E N D I N G “

George asks…

How important is Bluetooth capability for a new laptop? Anyone using it extensively with a cell phone?

I'm going to buy a new laptop, but can't decide between two models. One with Bluetooth, the other without. I'm wondering how important is Bluetooth. I'll get a cell phone with Bluetooth capability. Are people using Bluetooth and cell phone to connect their laptops on the Internet? I know this is expensive right now, but will this bluetooth link become essential over time? If it's just something nice to have, I'm leaning towards skipping it. Could someone knowledgeable please speak from your experience? Thanks.

dknol answers:

I have a Bluetooth laptop and Bluetooth cell phone. It's all about connectivety without cables.

I transfer my cell phone 2megapixels camera pics straight to my laptop all the time. Bluetooth benefit is of course wireless connectivety between all other Bluetooth devices regardless of manufacturers. All data in your cell phone can be transfered to your pc

There are wireless keyboard and mouse using Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth earphone for cell phones that connect wirelessly. You may have notice people walking around with that funny pointy gadget hanging from their ears.

Here's a informative guide to Bluetooth uses.

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