Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

Maria asks…

Does anyone know the difference between the Sony MEX5000 and the Sony MEX2500 car audios?

I am about to buy my new car stereo but I have come to a problem. Both stereo's have bluetooth technology but the MEX5000 is double the price to the other one. Has anyone had experience with these car stereos?

dknol answers:

The MEX-BT2500 has absolutely NO provisions for using external amplifiers. There are no pre-amp outputs at all, and not even a remote turn-on wire.

The MEX-BT5000 includes front, rear and subwoofer pre-outs, as well as a better display, a built-in parametric EQ, and a flip-down faceplate.

If you plan to expand the audio system with a subwoofer or separate amplifier, it's worth stepping up to the 5000.

Be sure to check out the Pioneer models with built-in Bluetooth as well. The Sony units use a built-in microphone, which (from the feedback I've heard) don't always work very well. There's no provision for adding a microphone in a more noise-free location. Pioneer units with BT built in include a separate microphone.

William asks…

How do I send music from my laptop to my phone?

How do I send music from my laptop to my phone?
I have a Fujitsu Lifebook (A3130 Notebook, if that helps) and my phone is a T-Mobile Samsung Gravity. Both devices have bluetooth technology on them, and I just wanted to know how I send songs from my laptop to my phone. Thanks in advance!

dknol answers:

Use a micro sd card for your phone

Lisa asks…

how can i connect my motorola razr to my PC through bluetooth?

my computer is a toshiba tecra that has bluetooth technology but i don't know how to connect my phone to it.

dknol answers:

Provided that your pc is bluetooth capable, activate the bluetooth on the pc, then on the razr, go to menu, settings, connection, bluetooth link, setup, turn on bluetooth and then search for devices.

Linda asks…

Of the Garmin navigation systems which is the better Garmin c550 or the Garmin 340?

Also what is Bluetooth technology?

dknol answers:

The C550 is better than the C340. Differences are that the C550 has an MP3 player, Bluetooth, and a high-sensitivity receiver, which the C340 does not have.

Bluetooth is a feature that connects the GPS wirelessly to your cell phone, so you can operate the phone hands-free through the GPS while driving (you need a phone that has Bluetooth also. Many if not most new phones have that now). Even if you don't like to use your phone while driving, it's a nice thing to have so you can at least answer and tell people you'll call them back later, without fumbling around for the phone.

The high sensitivity receiver is an important difference. The older receiver on the C340 depends more on line-of-sight communication with navigation satellites, so you can get a weak signal or none at all if you are in an obstructed area (blocked by tall buildings or trees, or inside a parking garage). The new receiver is much less susceptible to these problems and works practically anywhere.

You should also look at the Garmin nuvi models. That is the newer product line after the Streetpilot C series. The nuvi models have a nicer, slimmer design (easier to take with you when you leave the car) and don't cost more, or much more.

Ruth asks…

How can I play my Ipod on a 2006 Lexus RX 330?

The car has 6 disc cd changer, cassette, navigation system, and bluetooth technology. I want to be able to play it over the radio, what do I need?

dknol answers:

Here is the FM transmitter for the iPod over the FM radio;
And here is what you need to connect it to you factory stereo via bluetooth;

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